24 July 2006

A Box for Jesus

Recently i attended a funeral. This one was a full catholic mass. As many of you know I am not a religious person, however, i have been to a mass or two. I think catholics get a bad rap sometimes. The whole Martin Luther thing...you know. Anyway, something I really dig about catholics is how they treat the Eucharist. For you lay people, that is the blood and body of christ.

See, catholics have a special little home for christ. In this particular church, Our Lady of Grace, it was a gold little building with the trademark red candle burning nearby letting you know that Christ is home and ready to party. I like the idea of christ having a nice little home. It may seem like too much glitz for some Lutherans but really, if communion is so important then why wouldnt you go all out for the bread and the wine?

I mean, as a kid I went to a baptist church, no-not southern baptist, and we treated the blood and body of christ like trash. I remember seeing the blood of christ in the fridge...just sitting there in the door all sticky and gross. There was extra bottles of christ's blood under the sink, right next to a stale-opened box of christ's body. Once, during a service i remember passing a little tin of jesus crackers to my friend who was sitting next to me. She went to grab it and hit the edge sending jesus flying. He was everywhere; although the experience did give me the opportunity to say, "Excuse me, you have a bit of jesus in your hair."

The point is, if you are going to call this stuff important, then at least treat it like that. Jeez christians...

hope you all are having a happy week


06 July 2006

Blogaholics Anonymous

I think I need to open a Denver Chapter. As if I didnt slack off on this blog enough I now have a new one to rarely post to as well!


Check it out at And this is the thing

Honestly, there isnt much there but just wait my pretties....just wait.


Okay, so my dream of opening a hockey bar is one step closer. I am now the proud owner of ThePokeCheck.com. Oh yes my friends. The dream is forming. If you are interested in investing in this million dollar idea drop me a line and I can tell you all about my plans. All i am going to say right now is....Bubble Hockey!

Q was making sure that the poke check hadnt been taken and he was given a mess of suggested domains just in case poke check wasnt available. They made me almost wet my pants so i thought i would list some here, for your amusement.



and my favorite