27 November 2008


Happy Thanksgiving....

24 November 2008

What In the Hell...

Are the Sharks Crazy?

I cant imagine this will end well for Lemieux. It would be nice to see him play the Wings once before he is sent packing...

18 November 2008


This makes me so very happy.

Marilyn Musgrave is a nasty, arrogant woman and I for one hope this campaign is the very last we hear from here.

Thanks for the link doc...


16 November 2008

Same Sex Marriage

Protests are going on across the nation following the ballot initiatives in three states that banned same sex marriage. These protesters are saying it is a civil rights issue while counter protesters are saying it is a moral issue.

I don't understand people who have a problem with same sex marriage. Marriage isn't a christian ceremony. People all over the world get married every day. No one argues that if you aren't a christian, your marriage doesn't count. In fact, marriage isn't even religious. Plenty of people get married every day and don't do it in a religious building. They have a judge or another secular person perform their marriage and no one tells these people that their marriage doesn't count. In fact, in Colorado you don't need a witness or someone to perform the ceremony. All you need to do is get a license, sign it, and turn it in.

So how can we say that two men or women whom love each other shouldn't be allowed to get married?

The arguement is usually that same sex marriage somehow hurts the sanctity of marriage, but what does that even mean?

Sanctity is defined in Merriam Webster as:
1: holiness of life and character : godliness
2: the quality or state of being holy or sacred

So, sanctity is just another way to say that the marriage is religious and god doesnt like same sex marriage. Again, i am going to have to call shenanigans. You can get married without a religious figure performing the ceremony. You can get married in a church, at the park, at a banquet hall, in your apartment or at prison. The State of Colorado, which licenses marriages, does not require a religious ceremony. So how can we really say it threatens the sanctity of marriage when marriage isnt even sacred to begin with.

I dont mean to suggest that marriage cannot be sacred to you. Your marriage might be very sacred. You may have gotten married with a priest or a rabbi. You may have listened to the vows, taken straight from your holy book, and really really meant everything you said about sickness and health. And if you did, there is nothing wrong with that. However, that doesn't mean that two people getting married in a judges chambers who wrote their own vows and don't believe in god are somehow less married.

As my pal Doc wrote, "The same also applies if you're getting married for less-than-holy reasons, like getting knocked up, or are just congenitally clueless and think it'd be cool to get married this week and divorced the next, and yet you don't see Christian organizations protesting outside courthouses to prevent stupid, loveless marriages, do you?"

It comes down to the fact that people against same sex marriage just don't like homosexuality. That is it. There is no rational argument against it. Or, if there is, no one has offered it up.

Same sex marriage is a civil rights issue like segregation and women's suffrage, and it is about time that we give homosexual couples the right to get married.

As Q says, isnt it about time we all had the right to suffer needlessly?


14 November 2008

I Forgot...

...That Shuttle Endeavour was launching today.

Just before 6pm Mountain time.

Enjoy the night launch via...


C-SPAN often shows the launch as well.

From NASA's Mission Pages

"In Endeavour's payload bay, the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Leonardo is packed full of about 14,500 pounds of equipment and supplies, making it one of the heaviest modules in shuttle history.

Also included in the payload, are additional sleeping quarters, a second toilet, an exercise device and other household-type equipment.

The prime objective of the 15-day mission is to prepare the International Space Station to accommodate six members for long-duration stays.

Four planned spacewalks will focus on servicing the station's two Solar Alpha Rotary Joints, or SARJ, which are needed to track the sun for electric power."

Ah yes, an extra toilet. Really overqualified plumbers...

~Enjoy the launch and godspeed to the Endeavour's crew


Snow and Planes


First snow of the year...better late than never. I am trying to ignore the fact that now, the sky is blue and the little smidgen of snow is starting to melt.
*Happy snow thoughts*
*Happy snow thoughts*

Like all good Dems I have been playing with the idea of going to see the Inauguration in January in DC. In addition to the inauguration there are friends and family in the area so that is just an added bonus.

Alas...flights for that week (roughly the 17th-22ish) are going for $600-800 plus fees. Holy christ! The week before (in fact, leaving on the day of the inauguration-the 20th) are all of $250.

Goddamn that makes me mad. Oil prices have dropped but of course flights still charge for checking a bag, sitting in a window seat, curbside checkin. Do airlines give us a break when they get one? No of course not. And then, knowing that it is a hot time to fly into DC they jack up prices 220% because they can. Because thousands of people will pay for it.

Fuck you airlines. Dont come crying to us next spring when the price of jet fuel rises again and you need a fucking bailout.

~Enjoy the snow you Denver-ites
Happy weekend to everyone else!

Tweet tweet goes the bipolar Bird

12 November 2008


What is the deal with fingerless "mittens?"

I do a simple search on Etsy for mittens and about 194 pages come up. 99% of them are filled with this shite...

Seriously? Everyone in the description says, i have cold hands but need my fingers free. Hmm...i wonder if there is a type of clothing that allows your fingers to move and still keeps them warm??

I know I know...they need "dexterity" but why dont we call these things what they really are...wrist warmers.


PS Etsy is wonderful and you should buy many things from their artists....inexpensive and handmade!!

10 November 2008

An Open Letter To Carly

In James Taylor's defense, I really do think it is about him...

Also, you may find this amusing. When I first heard it I thought you said, "clowns in my coffee..." Creepy right?


Late Night Television

Channel 13-There is a whole freaking infomercial about colon cleansing. One guy looks like a greaser vampire and the other has a pube beard. How many bowel movements do you have a day? If it isnt eat-shit eat-shit eat-shit then according to Klee Irwin you need to clean out that colon baby! 1800-532-7017


Channel 16-Old people dancing


Channel 28-Nonstop Fresh Prince. Will Smith is wearing a neon green muscle shirt.


Channel 30-Roadrunner bashing a rattlesnake against rocks over and over again. Who would have thought that a roadrunner was that tough.


Channel 35-Nascar. *shudder*


Channel 37-Nancy Grace exploits missing children for face time. I think she is holding Caylee Anthony so that she has something to talk about. Nancy Grace is the worst of the worst. I have so much sympathy for someone who's daughter, granddaughter etc. is missing or abused or murdered, but Nancy Grace, from her studio has made a decision as to whom is guilty. She has already judged the case and has determined who is to blame. Does she really think that calling Caylee's mother "Tot Mom" is some how helping the situation? Who knows what happened or if Caylee is alive. For Nancy Grace to exploit this shit is disgusting. "Oh i pray, pray for these people." Ugh..


Channel 48-SciFi productions are some of the worst programs on television. I assume, since they are still around, that someone is watching this shite but I cant imagine who. Dont confess you are one of them readers because I would have to shun you and I am kinda partial to you all.


Channel 52-Matlock! He is dressed like Colonel Sanders. "I saw Matlock in a bar last night; the sound was off, but I think I got the gist of it."


Channel 61-The real housewives of atlanta. Oh my god. How come rich people like stupid vapid spouses? This is my first time watching it. Some of the women are actually "normal" for super rich ladies but others...oh others are insane. Kim who smokes a pack a day thinks she can sing. She's gonna be a country singer (please add a twang when you read this). Goddamn i wish I had an unlimited amount of money so I could just pursue random ideas that pop into my head. I could start the poke check and open a book store and write books and travel and most likely fail at them all. As long as no one makes me tape it then I am okay.


Channel 62-Celtic Christmas on QVC. What's first up? Xmas Guinness glasses, of course. No not really, teapots and watches. Because nothing says Irish like simulated pearl.


Channel 64-Fucking Omen. Jesus christ that is scary. Turn it, turn it!


Channel 66-Music videos. I am still surprised that anyone even makes music videos anymore. I have only seen VH1 showing them and even then, only at 2am.


Channel 72-Futurama! Yay. I know some people dont like Futurama as much as the Simpsons and i think that is a no brainer in early simpsons years. However, the simpsons have gotten crapier as the seasons have wore on. Anyway, i like myself some futurama. Did you know that Philip J. Fry was named so in memory of Phil Hartman and that Zapp Brannigan was developed for Hartman? Yes it is true. "Tell them I hate them."

*reluctant click*

Channel 78-Little House On the Prairie, the episode where Highway to Heaven guy makes his daughters feel like shite because he finally has a son! It's a wonder he didnt drown his daughters in a gunny sack the moment he saw their hoo hoos. I never watched this show so who cares right?


Channel 81-Clouds. No shit. Just clouds.


Channel 98-CSPAN...i think I am ready for bed...


Channel 103-www.yourbabycanread.tv That is all I am going to say....except this. Your little butter face isnt anything special.


Channel 110-I want the Time Life Sound of the Oldies or whatever the fuck it is called. Why are these things so freaking expensive. 5 payments of 30 bucks my ass. Sigh, how come i have this insane love of 50's and 60's music? Why god why?!!

*click*...and that brings us back to where we have begun.

I am hoping that the meds will have kicked in and that sleep lies at the top of the stairs...

~sweet dreams and sorry for the poor grammar and punctuation~

07 November 2008

The Day After

...I have nothing to talk about since the election is all over. As much as I love fuzzy puppies i dont want to get into a protracted discussion about the Presidents' new dog.

I dont have any desire to figure out where the GOP went wrong.

And I can only post nice photos of Obama for so long...


So I guess this is my transition post. Unless something really crazy happens I am back to my inane posts about whatever happened to me that day, random travel bits (i see a mess a Texas posts in the new year), and the odd news story here and there.

It will be nice to get back to the core of my blog "speciality" right? Maybe not.

While you were busy voting the Avs were busy losing. They are on a 5 game tear....and not the good kind. The kind where you bend over and your pants split. Did you wear clean underwear like your mother told you to? No...and neither did the Avs.

They are stink on ice my friends. And it isn't a goal tending issue. Somethings gotta change because it is not pretty.

I should brag now since i think my days are numbered. Why brag you ask? Because the Brian Meeker All Stars, my fantasy football league team, is still #1. Yeah! That's right baby. I have been in the top slot since week two. I can hardly believe it myself. I have gotten some serious breaks and i hope it continues. I like winning.

Alright. It appears that it is five now and that I have wasted just enough time.

Happy Weekend everyone and a super happy 40th birthday to my pal Stretch. You owe me a beer....wait. Strike that, reverse it.


05 November 2008

The More Things Change...

...The More They Stay the Same.

Even after Obama's historic win, Nader is still a dumbass who opens his giant gob without thinking. He is a complete waste of flesh.

Is Shepard Smith gonna have to choke a bitch?

04 November 2008

Hey Look!

It's President Obama!


Blogging The Vote *UPDATE 10:24pm*

Happy Election Day everyone! I hope that by the time you read this you have already voted.

As you may have read last week, I voted on thursday and since I was denied a voting sticker i made my own sign as promised.

It isnt nearly as nice and pretty as the official voting sticker but at least it is something i can wear with semi-pride.

If you need further impetus to vote, my pal Sprat and hubby received a free coffee and doughnut for dropping off their mail in ballots, so check locally to see if you can score some free schwag too.

I will be updating the blog all day long with political randomness. It wont be regular so check back whenever you can and until then...Happy Voting!


****** 1:30pm

Bird the shovelbum says "McCain Eats Babies" but I am not going to tell you why I think that. I am just going to make a ridiculous statement and expect you to go out and discover the truth. Yes, that's right...the burden of proof is on you. Thank god for Shepard Smith...

****** 2:30pm
Remember what i said about free schwag? I am not sure you can beat free sex toys! Happy ending no matter who wins for folks in New York or Seattle.

****** 5:30pm
Polls have closed in the east and Obama has won Vermont with 0% of precincts reporting (dont ask) and McCain has won Kentucky with 13% reporting. AYYAYYAYY!!

I will be checking out various television stations as well as CNN.com and Pollster.com for my election news. More at ya later...

****** 9:00pm
The dems I wanted to win in my county are losing, by a rather large margin which is a little disappointing. Udall, our new Senator won. Musgrave, whom I detest, lost which is very nice. Coffman won, beating out the Dem Hank Eng. Mollie Cullom is losing to David Balmer. Mollie is so great and I hope that she can pull out a win.

The good news is that Obama, while not called on the major networks is up by a rather large margin. Colorado finally going blue...will wonders never cease. Also, 75% of the state is smart enough to see through Amendment 48.

And this just in...Virginia called for Obama. Big congrats to the Doc, i know he is happy tonight.

****** 9:02pm
Wow, that was fast, Obama just won with the polls in the west closing.

Pretty fucking exciting.

****** 9:14pm
No one cares and no one on CNN even mentioned it but Colorado went blue! I am so happy for our state. Chuck Todd said nice things about CO earlier, and we like Chuck Todd.

HC-for Local election results check here

****** 10:24pm
I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this. Obama won...

I am sure it will sink in soon probably when i wake up tomorrow. As i was listening to his acceptance speech I was thinking two things. One, i look forward to more speeches like that..and not cringing at every state of the union. Two, Arapahoe county voted Democratic for the first time in...who the hell knows how long. I am happy about that and look forward for a breakdown so i can see how my precinct went.

03 November 2008

My Favorite

...SNL Presidential Skit.

Oh how I miss Phil Hartman