26 February 2009

"I've got to admit it's getting better/a little better all the time"

I am feeling better. I still sound horrible (so if you are into that kind of thing give me a ring) and i get tired easily but the pounding of my head and overall crappiness is gone...so that is something right?

Not much to share but I felt that it was time to post something. I am slogging it out in Hawaii paperwork (damn you impossible-to-spell names!) and thinking that I was punished with island fever for all my bitching about the humidity.

I found a new album to fall madly in love with, "We Brave Bee Stings and All" by Thao. Honestly, I can't recommend this enough.

I feel like I am falling behind in school, so that is awesome. Missing class on monday was stinky. I have more museums to visit (one less, thanks to Q and Lucretia Vaile) and some research on my grad. topic. Q is gone for work next week so I am hoping to knock out some work then.

Other than that...nothing I can share.

Hope your week has been more productive than my own.

~cough drops and tissues~

22 February 2009

I Wanna Die....

The problem with being a procrastinator is that if something happens on Sunday, like say you feel sick as a dog, you cant do anything about it. You still have to write your papers and read your books....

Jesus, i am 30 years old, have I learned nothing in that time?

~cough cough goes the sick birdy~

17 February 2009

16 February 2009

Fowl Cannibalism

My pal steve mcqueen tipped me off to a disturbing story that (sadly) made me laugh very hard. I am not proud of myself people...

Seems that he noticed a chickadee....

Hello cute chickadee!

Didn't think anything of it until he realized it was eating a chicken wing.

The hell?? That's cannibalism you little stinker! Knock that shite off.

15 February 2009

“Most of American life consists of driving somewhere and then returning home, wondering why the hell you went” *

Back on the mainland. I ended up liking Hawaii...it kind of grew on me, like the mold that would certainly grow on my sloth like body if I lived there for an extended period of time.

I just crapped out a particularly horrific paper on the NARA for my class. It is good to see that I am holding on to the whole procrastinate until the last minute paper writing technique I perfected in my undergrad years. Hopefully I will get an email from my professor telling me what she wants so i can make some changes before class. As it stands now...pretty sad.

I missed Darwin Days while on the island. February 12th is the birthday of Charles Darwin and since this would have been his 200th birthday it was kind of a big deal. Not here of course, since we are a country of believers and Darwin is persona non grata but in the UK it was a big deal. Enjoy some Richard Dawkins if you swing that way.

Not much else to share. The Happpy Cynic asked if I had more photos of Hawaii...sadly, only things like this

and this

Pretty sad eh? I didnt step foot on a beach or visit any shops or restaurants. Oh wait, a nice coffee shop very early the morning that I left and that is about it. Well, what can you do eh?

Hope your new week treats you all well.


* John Updike

12 February 2009

Island Music

One thing I am enjoying are the local music stations. I am sure that if i spent more than a week here i would be tired of the love songs with a reggae sound. Since I am not, however, it's a nice break from all the crap that plays on the other channels.

Also, the drivers are sickeningly nice. And I saw five fucking rainbows today for christs sake. We get it Hawaii, you're so friendly. Lay off will ya....

Work has been difficult. 15 POC's makes for a reckless survey. For everyone who thinks I have spent my days lying on the beach drinking Chi Chi's here are some shots of the buildings we've surveyed...

Also...traffic looks the same everywhere

We have a full day tomorrow and I fly home tomorrow night, so the prospects of me actually walking on the beach and/or doing something semi-relaxing and vacationy seems to be diminishing rapidly.

Them's the breaks I suppose.

~hula skirts and coconut bras~


10 February 2009

The Aloha State

Hey there from hot ass Hawaii.

It reminds me of San Francisco but more moist. I think it is very pretty, but seriously, i am not into beaches enough to really dig on it. We were at Diamond Head all day. I dig the crater and know that it will be the closest i get to lava. *sniff*

Tomorrow we are finishing up at diamond head and then heading to Wahiawa. I am looking forward to getting out of Honolulu for a bit.

Here are a couple of photos from our day....

The view from the house

The scariest thing i've seen in a while

And this photo of something leftover from the filming of an episode of Lost (does this mean anything to you Lost Fans out there?)

That is all for now...

~pineapples and poi~

08 February 2009

Aloha oe, aloha oe...

Here I am, trapped at the San Francisco Airport. My co-worker, also traveling to the Pineapple state...oh wait Aloha State...is right now on his way there. He was smart and flew through LA. I was dumb and landed in the fog half and hour after my flight left.

C'est la Vie.

At least that gives me time to blog and eat a crappy burger at some airport restaurant.

And before all the comments are filled up with, "you get to go to Hawaii for work?! Lucky!" Let me just remind you of all the time i have dispatched from Ely, Nevada. El Paso, McAllen and Del Rio Texas, Casper Wyoming....

I have had my fair share of shitty work venues and even the sun shines on a dogs ass now and then right?


My flight doesnt leave for two more hours but sadly I have nothing interesting to say. I want to blog about the new Native American inadvertent discovery protocol for Colorado but left the literature at home. Darwin Day is the 12th so expect a blog about that later this week.

Oh i can report this...i just paid 28 bucks for two sam adams and a burger. The beers were probably made by the original Sam Adams since they cost 6.30 a piece. Ah, the airport.

I do love the airport though. All different kinds of people coming and going. I witnessed a tearful goodbye between a soldier and his wife, parents and small child. I witnessed a frantic dash to a gate to make a last minute flight. I witnessed a toddler, two rows in front of me, scream the entire way to San Francisco.

Just now I witnessed the worst pair of boots I have ever seen. Yikes.

Alright folks. I am off to wait at my gate. I will write more this week....

*ding* Flight Attendents Please Prepare for Departure.

PS Q- I always do...

07 February 2009


Felt restless for various reasons tonight so i was perusing journals. Stumbled upon this from January 2nd, 2005.

From Uberto Eco's Foucalt's Pendulum:

"You spend your life seeking the opportunity, without realizing that the decisive moment that justifies birth and death has already passed. It will not return but it was-full, dazzling, generous as every revelation.

That day, Jacopo Belbo stared into the eyes of Truth. The only truth that was to be granted him.

The Pendulum, which haunted Jacopo Belbo all his adult life, had been-like the last address of his dream- the symbol of that other moment, recorded and the repressed, when he truly touched the ceiling of the world.

Jacopo Belbo didn't understand that he had had his moment and that it would have to be good enough for him, for all his life. Not recognizing it, he spent the rest of his days seeking something else, until he damned himself. But perhaps he suspected this. Otherwise he wouldn't have returned so often to the memory of the trumpet (object of desire). But he remembered it as a thing lost, not as a thing possessed."

The Object of Desire-The Opportunity-The Moment-The Truth "a thing lost-not a thing possessed." And so begins a new year...seeing the truth and knowing that it was possessed by me.

2005 turned out to be a good year for me.

04 February 2009

How Refreshing

Here is a very good article about non-believers and their place in the US.

It made me happy.

Long Live The Hud

Munpe Q is blogging and twittering as we speak. Check out his work to the right (see Munpe Q is Righteous). I've also added a link to Fuck You, Penguin which is possibly my most favorite blog ever (see Suck It Penguin). The last bit of housekeeping is the addition of the National Coalition of Censorship blog (see Censorship). Good stuff.

Last night i was able to attend a semi-swankish shindig at the Denver D&F Tower. Swankish stuff is not really something i am too comfortable with but I figured this could possibly be my only chance to live out all my Hudsucker Proxy fantasies.

Here are some photos I took:

The clock face from the inside

The clock face from the outside

On the upper balcony looking west

On the lower balcony looking east

Spiral staircase that leads to the cupola

That is all....

Happy Hump Day


02 February 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

Six more weeks of winter is manageable here in Colorado when it is nearly 60 degrees outside.


01 February 2009

Super Bowl 43

I have to say, besides a lame 3rd Quarter, I think this was a pretty good Superbowl. Certainly it was entertaining enough to keep me from reading about maintaining practical archives.


I should say that I started this blog after Larry Fitzgerald Jr. ran for his second touchdown of the night. Of course I thought that the Cards were going to win then. I even selected this picture to use....

Sadly, I guess that i jinxed the team and now I have to post this...

I dont have anything against the steelers. In fact i like em quite a bit. But i was still rooting for Warner and the sad-sack Cardnials.

I suppose there is no excuse now for my slacking on homework...

~Whistles and Flags~

PS The Lombardi Trophy has nothin on this...