21 November 2006

This evening...

...has been such a pain in the ass that I am slacking off for a few minutes so that I can blog.

Q and I went to our first city council meeting monday. I have plans for a run in 2008 but with my silly attitude during the whole thing ("Why does Goldie get all the weiners?" asks Q) i have a feeling that my initial bid is going to fail...

I am reading an excellent series called The Pirates! The book I am currently reading is called The Pirates! : In an Adventure With Scientists. Gideon Defoe is the author and I highly recommend it.

I think it is neat when someone says the absolute perfect thing even though they maybe werent trying to.

okay...enough slacking

Happy turkey day to you all...


08 November 2006


So, i am kinda happy and more then a little disappointed in the state of Colorado.

I like Bill Ritter. He is a moderate Democrate who seems like a genuine person. Of course, what the hell do i know but I am encouraged by him being around.

However, the US House - District 6 race went to Tancredo who is just a nutjob. That's right Zimmerman, you heard me!

In addition, the ballot issue defining marriage passed. This one bothers me and I think it should bother everyone. I mean, whether or not you believe in gay marriage, why would you want to put a passage in the constitution that would actually limit someone's rights? It just seems wrong. Also, Ref. I that would recognize domestic partnerships didnt pass either. It just feels mean...wow, that is some sound analysis eh?

Both of the ridiculous immigration issues passed even though they are a complete waste of time since one is voluntary (Hey, raise your hand if you are employing illegal immigrants so we can fine you...chirp chirp...no one? Great! Thanks for your help) and the other is just a stupid referendum that both parties can point to and say, "Look, see...I am working to stop illegal immigration." Lame...

Minimum wage passed and that is a good thing and I am also glad that term limits for judges was shot down as well. The legalization of 1oz or less of pot lost but i dont think anyone really thought that was going to make it.

While Dems now control the US House and Senate, in colorado, marilyn musgrave is still around.

I dont know...like I said, i am happy and disappointed all in one.

At least I didnt have to wait in line for 7hours like some folks in near by douglas county.



07 November 2006

Voting "... the instrument and symbol of a freeman's power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country." Ambrose Bierce

As promised...

6:45am So Sleepy...Q and I leave to go stand in line at the school...

6:56am Q mocks me...

7:01am Q and I arrive and get in line. I cant see the end which I can only assume is a bad thing. See, I am supposed to be at this fancy training class in one hour. After the class Q and I have a hockey game so...

7:05am Dumbass suit guy is trying to drop off his absentee ballot here. Q lectures me on being positive and nice. Q thinks what I am doing (taking notes) is illegal. "I think quoting me is illegal by the way..." Hmm...i suppose we shall see.

7:10am Q admits that he ditches most of the morning on election day. That's America Baby! "I never said I ditched, I simply recommended a solution to other slackers," he writes in very nice penmanship.

7:13 Oh man, i am in the short line!

7:16am...and I'm done. That is record time! I only got hung up on one question. Recall deadlines....

7:20am Waiting for Q. Nothing makes you feel more patriotic on voting day then listening to some womans cell phone blare "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid.

7:26am Q screams, precinct 311 in the Hiz-Ouse!

7:30am I am off to work...


Not to exciting but what can you say, voting in america is easy compared to other countries. Hope yours went well too...

Tomorrow, Election Results!!


06 November 2006

Voting Day

Oh i love voting! I like going behind the curtain and pushing the buttons and getting my sticker and all things civic minded in general. Once my voting place was at a fire station. That was cool because the alarm went off when i was there waiting in line. Plus, the firefighter guys were kinda helping out and everyone knew what was going on. Other then that, i have voted only at old folks homes. No offense to the elderly but, come on people! If you cant remember if you turned off the stove or what your children's names are then should you be allowed to determine if this is, in fact, my polling place and what happens when the machine shuts off when i am voting? I mean, do i get a do over or what?

Anyway, i am voting at an elementary school tomorrow. A first for me. With such a huge ballot this time here in Colorado, it should make for an interesting voting experience. At least, that is what I am banking on because I plan to run through my voting experience diary like (mostly as a homage to Sarah Vowell whom i have been reading a mess load of lately.).

Let me know how your voting experience was! I want stories people!


01 November 2006


Has anyone been to the drugstore lately? I have....there was the trip to pick up various cold prevention items for my man Q and when that didnt work there was a trip to pick up various coffee and medication items. Now, seeing as Q has a bit of sinus pressure it seemed wise to take the time to go to the pharmacy counter and pick up the heavy duty stuff with pseudoephedrine, yes my friends, I am that good.

Anyway, months upon months ago i had my first, "What, this medication is located where?" when i tried to buy meds after 7:30pm (gasp!). Anyway, i choose my poison and walk up to the window only to see the nice pharmacy guy pull out a huge binder from behind the counter. As an aside I want to point out that he wasnt wearing a white lab coat thingy. This is an important aside because I always thought it was bs for these guys to be wearing lab coats around like they are actually back there creating the drug instead of just counting the number of pills and sliding them into a plastic cup. But, i digress...

So in this binder is the pseudoephedrine log sheet. Yeah, that's right. A tally of all the folks who have walked in and needed to buy something for the sniffles. I have to produce a picture id even ("Colorado I hope..." he says to me). So he takes my DL number, my name, what kind and how much medication I am purchasing. To this guys credit, he is very nice and even puts up with my snide, ohh I am gonna make so much meth, comments. I have to print and sign the sheet as well as provide an address. Well, you know I am going to make it up just like Q always gives a fake phone number to the cashier at the mall when you buy shoes. Problem is, phone numbers are relatively easy to fake, all you really have to avoid is 867-5309; addresses however, that's a different story. And so to avoid writing 123 Pine Street, Your Town, CO 80210, I write the first one that comes into my head...1000 Chopper Cir. Denver, CO 80204. Oopsy.

Well, anyway, it worked out because i got a nice latte after ward which, even later i spilled on my shirt so now i smell like autumn in Connecticut. I think I had a point here...but maybe not.