29 August 2008

Republican VP- Sarah Palin

I dont know much about the Gov. of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

She appears to be dealing with corrupt issues up there in the Land of the Midnight Sun, which i like. However, she is a social conservative and that totally turns me off.

More so, i feel like this is a real pander to the HRC voters. I hate to make it sound like Gov. Palin isnt qualified because I really dont know anything about her, but would she have been the choice if Clinton and Obama hadnt gone to the wire?

I dont think so. And that alone, makes me sick to my stomach.

Doesnt matter much in my case since i am not a McCain fan. I just hate to feel worked, you know?

I also hate that so many women out there dont seem to care about issues...just gender. Honestly, if you supported HRC because you liked her politics, you arent going to like Palin because they are forever apart on core issues. So are you really just voting for a woman because of her uterus? Isnt that just as insulting as a man voting for McCain or Obama because he has a dick?

I guess i just dont get it.

28 August 2008

DNC Day 4

So that's the end eh? Lots of confetti to clean up before this weekends college game.

I have to say, the reports of the "Huge" "Ridiculous" "Greek God Like" stage were so much blather. The stage looked fine. It was nice and wasnt a big deal. If that is the biggest dig the Reps have on Obama, the next 67 days are going to be really annoying.

My only complaint? More Stevie Wonder songs please!

I will have some clean up posts from the Mile High City in the next couple days, "Hippies crapped in my bushes!" and the whatnot.

I am looking forward to the RNC next week. While i cant enjoy the antics from the twin cities, i am sure i will find something to talk about.

This weekend, there will be a blog about the Lousiana "Academic Freedom" bill.

Till then...Happy returns!

"A Denver official told 9Wants to Know that Robert Crow said he would shoot down the helicopter because he was unhappy it was flying near his house."

Seriously...who is this guy?

"A Massachusetts man is so far the only person arrested during the week of the Democratic National Convention in Denver who is facing charges of attempting to use a feces-filled bottle as a weapon."

Oh you knew this was coming right? Q has a very interesting story about containers of similar items found in a Denver neighborhood.

What i find strange is, the man arrested said that it was all a mistake and that "the bottle contained coffee with soy milk, not feces".

I think there is a very easy way to figure out who is telling the truth here.

I hate that celebrities can just meander into the Pepsi Center and Mile High Stadium wearing their "I'm Famous" credentials, without so much as a whiff of a baton to their heads, while the rest of us who are also excited about the DNC and who also count for one vote have to hope we get random credentials from Obama's website (we didnt).

Sigh...i suppose that is what i get for being untalented. Unless you want to count writing an ICRMP as a talent. No? Okay then, talentless.

Comment posted to the "Hundreds Hope to Catch a Glimpse of Obama" article on the 9 News website:

"jmfslots wrote: For anyone who missed seeing the "Messiah" then they can visit the Denver Zoo Monkey Cage and see his brothers."

You stay classy and racist Denver...

See what i mean about having no faith in us as people?

27 August 2008

Back to DNC Day 3

Listening to the Roll Call.

Familiar with it? If not, you should check it out...though by the time you read this it will surely be over. In fact, when I tuned in they were already at Kentucky.

Each state gets to say how many votes they are casting for Hillary or Obama. It is insanely annoying as each state spends forever talking about their lame ass state (I am looking at you Michigan). I dont give a crap about your damn special blue hills, or sea shores, or the fact that your NCAA sports team won some sort of crazy ass award. And Mass. if you are going to mention the Red Sox, the Celtics, and the Patriots, cant you just throw a freakin bone to the Bruins? Sheesh...

Oh...New Mexico just yielded to Ill. who yielded to NY, who trotted out HRC where she gave the obligatory "i move to suspend the procedural rules.." and there you go...

So that was fine, Florida and Michigan got to cast their votes and the rest of the States (sorry O-W)probably dont care anyway. And now, "Love Train" is playing.


I am just glad there was no kerfuffle...

but what is this???

Brief Aside

Please read the following article about a new law in Lousiana that "allows teachers to bring in 'supplemental textbooks' about evolution, the origins of life and global warming to science class."

Louisiana Senate Bill 733

I am not going to go into a lengthy discussion now, i dont have the time, but soon there will be a discussion about this.


"I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." -Stephen Henry Roberts (1901-71)

DNC Day 3

"Is this town big enough for both Sean Penn and the Obama Girl?"

Do I care enough to read the remainder of the story? No, i dont. But i encourage you to do so because you know they will mention all the famous people (oh wow! I love famous people!!) who happened to be seen in Denver.

26 August 2008

DNC Day 2

All this talk about Hillary's speech tonight and "Ohhh what is she going to say?"

Seriously, what the hell do you guys think she is going to say? This is the DNC so there will be no surprises here. She will tow the same line she has since she dropped out. Thanks to all the women who worked hard for me. There is only one choice in this race and it is Obama. Do for him what you did for me.

That is all.

She will talk about her historic race, and even though I am not a big fan of HRC, it was indeed historic. She won primaries and was a serious rival for Obama. Especially today she should be given her due.

But lets not be stupid. is there division within the party? Yes. Are there HRC fans who wont vote for Obama? Yes, but i dont believe they would have voted for him regardless. Will it cost Obama the election? No. Not to say he is a shoe-in, but if he loses it wont be because of the crazies at Hillary is 44.

She is still a Senator and has a political career in front of her. she cant say something stupid here and screw up her future. That goes for Bill too.

Again, it is a convention...there's no such thing as surprises.
"One important visitor to Denver took a break from the Today Show to sit down with 9News reporter Kyle Dyer to talk about what she's seen in the Democratic National Convention so far.

Ann Curry arrived in Denver fresh from the Olympic Games in Beijing to help cover the DNC. Though Curry admitted to being exhausted from the 14-hour time change from Beijing to Denver, this hasn't stopped her from being in the forefront of the coverage."

A reporter interviewing a reporter? I think my head just blew up. This is ludicrous! Aren't reporters supposed to be impartial anyway?
Celebrities seen on the first day...

"Kal Penn of the 'Harold & Kumar' movies and the TV series 'House,' who worked for a good part of the day as a 'delegate whip.'"

Oh yes, we are really rocking and rolling here in Denver. And guys, this is only from the first day!!


25 August 2008

DNC Day 1

"A few dozen anti-war activists held hands and shouted "Love, Peace and Justice" during a stunt to "levitate" the Denver Mint on Monday, shake out its money and redistribute the wealth.

The group Recreate '68 wanted to circle the mint on the opening day of the Democratic National Convention. In truth, protesters only made it halfway down one block. The quarters that showered the ground were made of plastic, and the group's leader wore a red robe that he acknowledged was an old Halloween costume. "

I didnt know that 1968 was so lame and completely embarrassing...

Your Democratic National Convention Headquarters!

I was thinking, how can i Share all the exciting DNC news with the readers of this blog. I am in Denver so surely I have some sort of foot up on your regular joe q. public blogger right?

I have thought and thought, what role can i serve "my readers", my party...nay my country! And then, as if struck by lighting it came to me...

"The Delaware senator eventually made his way to the counter where he ordered five pulled pork sandwiches."

I will provide you with all the non-news. All the stupid stories...the dumb things people in denver will be talking about (ZOMG, i totally bumped into Sean Penn at the paradise bakery on the 16th St. Mall! He was eating a muffin!). You can see what homers us colorado folk are, we can make fun of celebrities and politicos and news people, and hopefully my average reader number will shoot into the teens...


20 August 2008

Oh The Hate!

I was preparing a blog about how I dont have any hope for us as Americans. About how we are so angry and selfish and heartless that there is no hope.

It gets me too worked up. I cant get all the crazy thoughts in my head down on paper as it were.

Dont worry, nothing horrible happened that made me suddenly doubt all of us...but actually, you should worry because nothing dramatic happened at all. This is just a realization that we are horrible people and that there is nothing redeeming about us at all. A person can be great and wonderful, but group us together and we suck something fierce.

Maybe if you know the bird in person we can meet and chat and i can get all emotional about the situation. If not...this lame ass thing will have to do.


PS I am learning to knit. Scarfs for all! (boo!) Very well, no scarfs for anyone! (boo!) Scarfs for some, minature American flags for others (yay!)

18 August 2008

Dumb Stuff

I am all about crazy Olympic events...for christs sake, i attended a curling class so you know I am up for the zany, but I hit my zany limit last night around 2am while watching Pairs Synchronized Swimming.

*yes i was up at 2 watching crappy olympic games, judge me if you must.

Not only is the whole concept of synchronized swimming silly but the commentator! Man, i nearly lost my shit listening to her descriptions of the moves.

Let me break them down for ya...

Spinning....upside down

Like a flamingo...upside down

and my favorite

It's called treading water....

How is this a sport. I mean, it isnt really even very fun to watch? The women are all wearing makeup, so very practical, and the moves all look the same. I mean, we have all spent an afternoon in the pool with our friends so we know there are only so many "moves" you can actually perform in the water.

For me and my friends there were only five or so: the one handed handstand, the one handed front flip, the one handed leg split, the one handed half spin, and the one handed leg flick. "All one handed," you migh say, sounding impressed. Yes, the other was plugging my nose.

~Peaches and Tweets

13 August 2008

Long Black Veil

The song was written by Danny Dill and Marijohn Wilkin and first recorded in 1959 by Lefty Frizzell but the best version was done by Johnny Cash in '68.

This song is so great. It's the M Night Shyamalan of songs...The Sixth Sense not The Happening.

Give it a listen and have a happy hump day.

11 August 2008

Old and Busted: The Endangered Species Act...

New Hotness: Watching An Animal Die In Your Front Yard

"The Bush administration wants federal agencies to decide for themselves whether highways, dams, mines and other construction projects might harm endangered animals and plants."

Please read the article because it will explain the situation better than i can.

What it boils down to is this, attorneys for federal agencies like the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management etc. have decided that for construction projects, drilling, mining, et al, it is too costly and time consuming to go through the process of determining whether or not a plant or animal is in danger.

This is honestly, the most insane thing i have heard in a long time. This allows folks that benefit from the construction/drilling/mining etc., to decide if there are any animals or plants in the way. And look, i am not saying that independent scientists wouldnt allow these projects to pass, just that they would force their clients to mitigate the threats. Maybe move around the nest of the bald eagle. Maybe revegitate the area after work is done. We are not talking about shutting down projects, we are talking about making sure we dont kill off plants and animals that are threatened.

I could go on and on about how silly this is. About how insulting it is to hear attorneys declare what is best for endangered species. That it takes too long and costs too much. Yes is does cost a lot, and that is the price we pay for building houses in the woods and mining for coal. It is the price we pay for skiing in fresh powder and roads that get us there. It's the price we pay for water in the summers and heat in the winters.

This is a complete slap in the face of an act that has protected hundreds of animals from extinction. It is completely audacious....I am nearly speechless.

10 August 2008

Melon Farmer

Sure, yeah it's the Olympics and everything...I like handball and synchronized swimming during these two weeks as much as the next person, but there is no way i want to sit through a qualifying and semifinal round. Jesus, wake me up for the medals you know.

So watching a movie on basic cable, which means they have to take out all the fuckers and shits and dickheads. Sometimes they just remove the offending word...leaving silence and moving lips. More often they replace the word with some ridiculous phrase. It often adds an element of unintentional comedy when this happens, as was the case tonight when Samuel L. Jackson called Bruce Willis a "racist melon farmer."

Yippie Kai Yay...my friend...yippie kai yay

07 August 2008

Douchey McFavre

I really dislike this guy. Dont get me wrong, I used to like him. He used to be the All American Quarterback. That is before he held a teary press conference and said goodbye. That was before the Packers offered him 25 million to just stay at home. Do you know how insane that sounds? 25 million to stay at home and eat nachos and armchair quarterback all season long. I liked Favre before Goodell waved his hand and forced the Packers to take him back. I liked Favre before he arrived in Green Bay in the rain and then preceded to have a whine fest with Mike McCarthy.

Gene Wojciechowski at espn says, "For all those Favre critics who insist he's a drama queen, remember that he could have stayed in Green Bay, practiced, competed in an open competition with Aaron Rodgers and dared Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy to keep him on the bench. But he didn't. He left after several days because he has more respect for the Packers than the Packers have for him."

Seriously? You think this guy has respect for the Packers? Give me a break...if he had respect he would have never tried to get reinstated months after retiring. He would have seen that by offering him 25 million they were sending a clear message that Aaron Rodgers was the future of the organization. Brett made his bed and the Packers had to move on. It is disrespectful for Favre to decide that he can just force a situation with his former team. Give me a break Wojciechowski...

Favre is just another sports star willing to sacrifice his legacy so that he can keep playing and playing and playing... *Cough* Jerry Rice *Cough*

At some point, what is best for everyone is to ignore Dylan Thomas and stop raging, raging against the dying of the light.

04 August 2008

Robot Guts 2.6

For the Friend I couldn't Keep
by Chantilly 2007

I wonder if old friends are happy with new friends
If they think their friendships will last forever, just
like they think their undocumented memories will
and pictures of them laughing and joking and hugging
and kissing.

I wonder if all these memories are woth keeping
Although I don't think I have a choice
They are coated with smells of beer and stale,
lingering housefire smoke
And lined with Burgar St sounds of cursing and
shooting up and, "Hey, you want any perks?"

Our bond is lost at sea like dead bodies in the
Welland Canal, left behind at "the other place"
Memories attached with necklaces and paintbrushes
and pictures that were once a gift

Once you said, "People care more than you think they do."
But actions speak louder than words
And yours have drowned out.

Learn from the best of times
Learn from the worst of times
Breathe, and move on.
It's all we can do.


Please take and apply to all your failed friendships.

~That is all~

03 August 2008

How's Bird Feeling?

Oh my god...football. Finally....Yay!

Football football.....


TThhhhhbbbbbbbbbppppppp yiiyiiyii!

02 August 2008


As you did not read here, but probably already know, the Seattle SuperSonics are no longer.

Officially in Oklahoma City now, the team has yet to decide on a name. Last Monday, the league filled several nicknames with the US Patent and Trademark Office: Barons, Bison, Energy, Marshalls, Thunder and Wind.

Good lord, they dont really intend to call their team the Oklahoma City Wind, do they? What kind of logo do they plan on going with...this guy?

I can just hear it now, "Oklahoma really blows...yukyuk"

I seriously think this could possibly be the worst team name ever. And the Energy? Is OKC a WNBA team or something? Jesus people...

I myself would go for bison if only because bison are neat and it comes with a built in mascot.

Here he says, "I am going to kick your ass Golden State..."

Hopefully we will get a look at names and logos soon...