27 August 2008

Back to DNC Day 3

Listening to the Roll Call.

Familiar with it? If not, you should check it out...though by the time you read this it will surely be over. In fact, when I tuned in they were already at Kentucky.

Each state gets to say how many votes they are casting for Hillary or Obama. It is insanely annoying as each state spends forever talking about their lame ass state (I am looking at you Michigan). I dont give a crap about your damn special blue hills, or sea shores, or the fact that your NCAA sports team won some sort of crazy ass award. And Mass. if you are going to mention the Red Sox, the Celtics, and the Patriots, cant you just throw a freakin bone to the Bruins? Sheesh...

Oh...New Mexico just yielded to Ill. who yielded to NY, who trotted out HRC where she gave the obligatory "i move to suspend the procedural rules.." and there you go...

So that was fine, Florida and Michigan got to cast their votes and the rest of the States (sorry O-W)probably dont care anyway. And now, "Love Train" is playing.


I am just glad there was no kerfuffle...

but what is this???

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