20 August 2008

Oh The Hate!

I was preparing a blog about how I dont have any hope for us as Americans. About how we are so angry and selfish and heartless that there is no hope.

It gets me too worked up. I cant get all the crazy thoughts in my head down on paper as it were.

Dont worry, nothing horrible happened that made me suddenly doubt all of us...but actually, you should worry because nothing dramatic happened at all. This is just a realization that we are horrible people and that there is nothing redeeming about us at all. A person can be great and wonderful, but group us together and we suck something fierce.

Maybe if you know the bird in person we can meet and chat and i can get all emotional about the situation. If not...this lame ass thing will have to do.


PS I am learning to knit. Scarfs for all! (boo!) Very well, no scarfs for anyone! (boo!) Scarfs for some, minature American flags for others (yay!)


Blogtastic said...

Ah, bird, but if it weren't for all the angry, selfish, and heartless slobs out there, would we truly appreciate - nay, even be able to recogize - those who are not? How can there be day if there is no night? Can there be an "us" if there is no "them"?

Wow, this is more fun than work.

Bird said...

I guess I could agree with that. Sometimes thinking about it all gets me feeling blue.

I believe, practically anything is better than work yes?