29 August 2008

Republican VP- Sarah Palin

I dont know much about the Gov. of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

She appears to be dealing with corrupt issues up there in the Land of the Midnight Sun, which i like. However, she is a social conservative and that totally turns me off.

More so, i feel like this is a real pander to the HRC voters. I hate to make it sound like Gov. Palin isnt qualified because I really dont know anything about her, but would she have been the choice if Clinton and Obama hadnt gone to the wire?

I dont think so. And that alone, makes me sick to my stomach.

Doesnt matter much in my case since i am not a McCain fan. I just hate to feel worked, you know?

I also hate that so many women out there dont seem to care about issues...just gender. Honestly, if you supported HRC because you liked her politics, you arent going to like Palin because they are forever apart on core issues. So are you really just voting for a woman because of her uterus? Isnt that just as insulting as a man voting for McCain or Obama because he has a dick?

I guess i just dont get it.


Pat said...

I'll give you an alternative perspective. (No need to thank me!)

I agree that it seems unlikely that this is going to sway the Angry Hillary People. But, I don't think it was done to pander to them.

It seems one of the big Republican gripes with McCain is that he is soft on the aforementioned social conservative issues. I think this selection was done as a way of shoring up that part of his base. I've seen some conservative writers absolutely flipping out about this choice, so maybe it worked.

One thing is for certain: somehow, history will be made in November. I think that aspect alone will be fascinating and fun to watch.

Bird said...

Jeez Pat, you and your non-cynical logic. Have you read this blog before? That kind of thinking isnt allowed here!!

Nah, thanks again for your insight Pat. It is always appreciated.