21 July 2009

THAT Family

Have you guys ever seen THAT family? The one that as soon as you lay eyes on them you can tell they are the most annoying people on the face of the planet? They aren't particularly trashy, like the Bundys, or dumb and luckless, like the Griswalds. I dont actually know how to describe them. I suppose they talk a little too loud. Maybe the kids are super-nerdy and not in the good way. One of them has a nasal-whine voice. They stumble over chairs, they get their coats caught in the car door, they drop sodas on the floor. Do you know that family?

They were at the burger-hut during lunch today. I bonded with spanish speaking patrons and black mailmen on lunch break...all of us were horrified and embarrassed for them. THAT family appears to be the great unifier.

07 July 2009

Hejduk For Captain

*ring ring*
Birdy: Hello?
Joe Sakic: Hi Bird.
B: Hey there Joe...what's the word?
JS: I'm done, thought I would let you know first.
B: I appreciate that Joe. Happy 40th by the way...
JS: Thanks for remembering.
B: Of course, so what are you going to do now? Play for Team Canada in 2010?
JS: First I am going to call Chelios and try and talk some sense into him.
B: Good call. Hey, would you tell Sacco to make Hejduk captain?
JS: I will...take care-see ya around the Ice Shack!
B: Thanks!

Bye Captain Joe...no matter what Q says, you were a good player and a stand up guy. Just because I totally knew he was outta here this summer doesnt mean I am not bummed about it. I wonder if he will go the way of Chicken Parm? That would be nice to see.

I think Sakic's retirement and all of the new personnel really does signal a different Avalanche team. One that no fan in Colorado has ever seen...the next couple of years will be disappointing but very interesting.

02 July 2009

Good Stuff

There is some kind of happiness in this line from Vampire Weekend...

His honor drove southward seeking exotica
Down to the Pueblo huts of New Mexico
Cut his teeth on turquoise harmonicas

Maybe you have to hear the song to feel the happiness.

This is the beginning of my 4th of July weekend. Let me be the first to say, happy America Day

~fireworks and trips to the emergency room~