31 December 2008

The End...

There was one last post I wanted to include before 2009...

Dale Heckendorn, Director of the National Register program in Denver, died in October of this year. I worked in the same small office as Dale for my three years at the SHPO. His death came as a shock to me but probably not to him. Dale did what most in my family do...ignore family history and doctors and just hope to make it as long as you can.

After hearing about this I had discussions with friends/former co-workers. Which is better: to die unexpectedly and young but live your life to the fullest or to die old and spend a fair amount of time in hospitals, on pills, etc.

Dale chose the former and it was his decision to make, even though we wished for more time.

His funeral was packed. People sitting at the back, waiting to speak to the family, must have waited for 30 minutes to get through the line. You could tell that his family was surprised to see how many people were deeply saddened at Dale's passing. I wonder if Dale knew how many people respected and cared for him?

It makes me marvel at how private Dale was. It was like he was leading a double life. His home life which myself and other co-workers knew nothing about and his work life which his family seemed to know little about. I swear if I found out he was a secret agent it wouldn't have surprised me.

I thought at the time, did he have people to share with? To talk to about work and problems and questions and dreams? Certainly his wife, but what if he wanted to talk about his personal life? There were people at the SHPO who liked Dale alot and probably would have loved to be his friend and confidant. Somehow he feels like a lonely figure. I hope he wasn't lonely.

Dale was easily the smartest and funniest person I have ever worked with. Not to say my other co-workers weren't funny. They were...side splitting funny, but Dale just had a way about him that was so sharp and so clever.

I remember when I first started i was so intimidated by him. He was quiet, only spoke when he had something to say (unlike blabber mouth me) and when he did speak up it was always intelligent and often wickedly funny. He had the epitome of dry humor. I just knew that he thought i was annoying and childish and unfunny (often i was all three).

Once LLK and I were working up the nerve to ask Dale a question about a song that had been running through her head. Dale knew the answer to everything. Certainly he is the true Dr. Colorado (sorry Tom Noel, but you are no Mr. Heckendorn)...but beyond Colorado history, the guy knew everything. LLK and i walked up to his cube-she sang him the tune-and he comes back with, "Oh that's the theme from The Magnificent Seven, by one of my favorite composers, Elmer Bernstein..." Of course it is. Of course Dale not only knew the answer to our question but was funny and kind and generous with his knowledge and time.

I miss Dale, even though I didn't meet or speak with him regularly. Just knowing that he isn't around makes the world a less interesting place. I think he had so much more to share and I am sad and disappointed that I didn't ask more questions of him when I had the chance.

So, at the end of this year, remember those that we care about who are no longer around, and take time out to think of those who are still with us that we don't appreciate enough.

Many Happy Returns~

30 December 2008

End Of The Year Blog

Hello my pretties...

I've been out of touch for a week or so due to so many factors that I dont want to get into. Lets just say my office IT folks arent so bright eh?

I hope you had a super fantastic Xmas and Hanukkah. I hope that Sinterklaas didn't put a stick in your shoe!

There is so much I want to write about before the end of the year but I think I will only get to a couple...

The Brian Meeker Allstars finished a respectable 3rd place. I sat in first the entire season and then crumbled at the end. Much like...

The Broncos are one big pile of suck eh? I agree with Herc when he says it is "The Biggest Collapse in NFL History"

What really kills me is listening to the players talk about their season on Sunday night and Monday. To my surprise, Brandon Marshall is the only player (that I heard) who said that he was partly responsible for the collapse. He admitted that he needed to be a better leader on and off the field. Cut spent his time talking about the talent and next year and bullshit and bullshit. I was hoping he would be a little more...honest I suppose.

The firing of Shanahan blew me away too. I said i think he should be fired, if only because the team needs a serious fucking wake up call, but I also said that Bowlen would never do it. Color me surprised.

Leap Seconds...can anyone explain this to me?

Yes, I understand that we need to add a second so that my Zamboni watch matches solar time, i.e. noon on our clocks mean the sun is at the highest point in the sky, but the concept of just being able to add a freakin second or a day just hurts my brain. I mean...it doesnt mean anything...time that is. I love the idea of anything atomic though so I am leaning that way. Also, in a millennium when noon will come at what we think of as 1pm, 11 will be the new noon. The names will change and everything will adapt, I am not too worried about it.

Since the leap second is added at the same time around the world, it hits the Mountain time zone at 4:59pm Tomorrow, Wednesday December 31st.

I can hardly wait for my extra second of pay.

That's all for now. If i dont get a chance to say it before tomorrow at midnight, Happy New Year!

~noisemakers and confetti~

24 December 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

~Tweets and Snowflakes~

21 December 2008


What does fate have against sickly sweet love songs by Elvis Costello?

If you think the answer is, "nothing" then why cant i find a way to download this sickly sweet love song by the aforementioned artist? I dont want to buy a horrible movie soundtrack...i just want the song.

And in this season of giving too....I guess I just expected more from fate, that's all.

18 December 2008

You're The Worst Leafs on Earth

Mats Sundin signed with the Canucks. Great, i was thinking that the Avs dont get to play against Mats enough.

To commemorate...Mats Sundin commercials


16 December 2008

Bird Cam

I bought one of those pet cam's for el gato.

She doesnt wear a collar so when i put it on her she really freaked out. While she is getting used to the collar i thought i would wear the camera around for the day and see what kind of photos it took.

The photos are in order below...

Pretty exciting life i lead eh? And today was kind of an active day too!

Alright, i am certain something really interesting will happen tomorrow that will force me to blog. Until then...


15 December 2008

I'm Feeling A Little Queasy

Q and I saw The Day The Earth Stood Still.

I can't warn you enough about how bad this movie is. If you are thinking about going just go ahead and take your 10 bucks and flush it down the toilet. Or give me $10 and I will punch you square in the jaw.


11 December 2008

A Quick One

From the Daily Show.

I think the point that I like from Stewart is that it comes down to whether or not you believe homosexuality is a choice.

Now...no more Same Sex Marriage Talk for at least a week!


10 December 2008

Turkey Day Road Trip Part 2

Check out this sweet picture...

That's the shuttle Endeavour piggybacking its way back to Florida this morning.

Alright, on to the second half of the road trip. We left Dallas in the afternoon and headed for Oklahoma. On they way i snapped this poor quality photo while driving 85mph...

Who the hell advertises ham sandwiches in a series of large billboards? Robertson, that's who.

As we were pulling into Oklahoma City we remembered that neither of us had seen the OKC memorial. It was dark, windy as a mother, but still early so we swung by before finding a place to stay.

I was really quite surprised at how moved i was by the whole thing. Q was as well.

The next morning we went back to visit the museum.

I have to say, they did a wonderful job with the memorial. It was so well designed and really beautiful. The museum was also very good. A bit much for me but very well done. It took them only 5 years to complete and those in charge of the WTC memorial could really learn something from them. It is ridiculous that after seven years we cant stop being political long enough to figure it out. Get your shit together people.

After spending most of the morning in OKC (a town I actually liked quite a bit) we headed north on our way back to Denver. On our way we passed Billings, OK Home of my pal LLK.

And I thought The Edge was itsy bitsy. Everyone's heard the phrase, "Blink and you'll miss it" Q said, after passing through "Holy crap i have never actually done that before."

I didnt get to see the Circle Flying L Ranch/Farm/Acreage so that will have to be a different trip.

And that is it. I have no photos from Kansas for a couple reasons, number one being...it's Kansas. One nice thing, you do get to drive by a large wind farm for several miles. I dont care what people say, i think they are beautiful.

Also, while in Kansas i realized i actually like the Howard Stern radio show...I admit to making judgements about it without really listening. So there you go.

Okay. that is all for the trip but I do have an event reminder for you local folks.


Tuba Xmas! This Sunday December 14th 1pm at Skyline Park (16th and Arapahoe downtown).

My one and only xmas tradition.

I will be there with baritones on...get it??

...I hate myself.

~smooches and tweets