21 December 2006

F*#^$(*&@# Snow

I like white xmas's but this is just stupid.

The last blizzard we had was kinda fun...this one stinks. I live in Centennial, what are the chances of them plowing any road near my house? If you guessed slim to none then you get to help me shovel the driveway! Congrats. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I officially detest the stupid juniper bushes near the front walk. Hate hate hate!

Sigh...i suppose it is a good thing I went to the grocery store before the snow really socked me in. Thanks for that idea Q.

I hope everyone is safe and warm.


19 December 2006


Have i mentioned how cool this website is? What is that? Why yes, it is a place that I post my own stuff on. You know what is even cooler? You can post too. All ya gotta do is register and you shall be granted access...ahh...see, I knew you wanted to write stuff. I just felt like you all were thinking, "Bird, how how can i post neato little things that I want to say without having to create and maintain a super fantastical blog like yours?" Well, I am your Blog Jesus...


the point is...I like you. I like your crap and I want you to share your crap with me...


see, i just like to read your stuff. that is all I am tryin to say.

So post somethin because i asked you to and because you love me....you really really love me!

18 December 2006


****I have been trying to think of the other word that I had never heard but once i did, couldnt get away from...reconnoiter. Thank you 9/11 commission report!*****

Howdy Folks...

As you may have noticed I updated my photo. This one is more recent and I think that I look pretty good, but I am biased i suppose.

Stumbling across this picture made me think of the time I first heard the phrase "Catbird Seat." My friend said something like, "Oh you're in the catbird seat!" I honestly thought he was out of his mind. We had a nice long argument about whether it was a real phrase. Of course, as is usually the case, i was proven wrong and stubborn and as the heavens would have it, after the argument, i saw the phrase everywhere. Honestly, i must have read it 15 times in the next couple of weeks. What the hell is that about I wonder?

Anyway...what else can i share? Oh this...

I had an interview at this building today. Haha...good times. This video was taken last summer but sakes alive it is good stuff. Just so you dont think I am a complete jerk, no one was hurt...

Happy monday night/tuesday morning to you good people...

16 December 2006


This is easily the worst night I have had in 5 days at the help line. The night has moved so slow...like molasses on a cold day. I read a paragraph and notice that less than a minute has passed. Ugh. In addition, i was super sleepy today. Right at 3am i hit the wall. Just miserable.

But, all in all, it wasnt as bad as I was thinking it would be. Of course, i miss sleeping in the nice big bed with the mister, but at least I am alone here and can zoom through books and blog non-stop. Not that we are hoping this job lasts!

Speaking of books let me please recomend one I just finished tonight; Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami I love all things Murakami but have never read his short stories. They are really very wonderful, especially "Firefly", "Chance Traveler", and "The Kidney-Shaped Stone".

The other fun bit of Bird-Fact is that I graduated from college 6 years ago today. Ahh, how bright-eyed and excited i was. Little did i know that in such a short period of time I would forsake my college career and focus on something much more important like finding that Sports Guy Article where he makes fun of Mike Shanahan.

Alright kiddos, have a wonderful weekend!


14 December 2006

Stuff in the Drawer

Hey- so i switched to this new version of Blogger.com Please let me know how it is or if strange stuff comes up eh? Thanks...


I decided to spend some time looking through the desk I share here at the temp job. Looking through people's stuff is a good way to get to know someone, I figure. Sadly, my morning counterpart (Ping Wang) doesnt use the drawers so the items are from the guy who used to have my job. So...here is a list of the stuff in the drawer.

1 Butterfly ping pong paddle (in case)
1 orange Sportcraft ping pong ball
1 July 06 Xbox Magazine
1 1oz tube of Kroger Triple Antibiotic Ointment Plus Pain Relief
1 Pepsismash.com soda lid, Code: B4CXM JKMNC
1 pink nail file set, top missing and only 1 file remaining
1 Nintendo DS Metroid Prime Pinball Case with Mario Golf and New Super Mario Bros.
games inside.
1 bottle of Kroger E Blend Vitamin Dietary Suppliment, softgels stuck together into one huge lump
1 loose Nintendo DS Rumble Pak
1 loose Nintendo DS Nintendo Dogs
2 0.10oz Super Glue bottles
1 orange Hooters lanyard
1 business card for one Audrey V Cutting Specialist/Colorist/Eyebrows
1 half opened, half empty 2oz container of FX Special Effects Molding Wax
Pliable Hair Wax/Flexible hold.
1 Hoyle Playing Card, Joker
1 Conoco Gas Receipt, $21.44
1 7-11 receipt, Items Purchased: 2 20oz SoBe Green Tea @$3.58, 1 Hot Pocket Pepperoni Pizza Flavor @$3.19, 1 Stouffers Lasagna With Meat @$3.39
1 Social Secruity Card stub
1 letter from Pitney Bowes Credit Corporation

From these items i can only assume that the person before me was an unsufferable bore. He had spikey hair and bad breath. He annoyed people with video game talk, card tricks and stories about how the Lateral Crossover is the most difficult footwork technique to practice and incorporate into a ping pong game. He has most likely been a victim of "identity theft" in the last year. He has some kind of open sores and possibly a bad prostate. I would fathom that he is a guy that gets a lot of first dates and then never hears from the women again. One could go so far as to suggest that he has unopened action figures displayed on the shelves of his apartment.

I am sure he is a very nice guy though...


08 December 2006

Type Type Type...Ring Ring Ring

My face is feeling better thanks. Today was almost the second worst day of my life but I was able to see the sun behind the clouds...in case you were wondering.

Today was my very last day at the library and my very first day in my new temp job. I work the 10pm-6am shift at a IT help line. Yikes....it is better then it sounds my pretties. I am all alone so that lets me think and plan and scheme and also read and blog and listen to music. Also, the work is crazy easy so that is kinda nice too. I am still hunting for other jobs of couse, one of my references says that she has received two inquiries. so that is good. Plus, who knows...i may just up and move.

While waiting for people to call i was assigned some data entry stuff. Ouch my hands hurt. Anyway, i was cutting and pasting some college information into this database and thought i would take note of strange schools. Here is a list. Enjoy!

Crum's Beauty College in Kansas
Xenon International School of Hair Design in Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado
Community College of Micronesia in/on Ponape Island
Central Minnesota Divers in Waite Park Minnesota
Acme Beauty College in Billings Montana
Franklin College of Switzerland in New York
The College of Insurance in New York
Enid School of Beauty in Enid Oklahoma (that is for my pal LLK)
Center for Degree Studies in Scranton PA
Yankton College in Yankton South Dakota
International Bus College in Lubbock Texas
Institute of Paper Chemistry in Appleton Wisconsin
Mount Scenario College in Ladysmith Wisconsin

I think my favorite is the International Bus College. Also The Center for Degree Studies, how vague eh?

Have a great weekend everyone!


07 December 2006


It struck me today while sitting in the dentist chair;

this is easily the worst day of my life. From midnight to midnight, just miserable.

03 December 2006


So, I walked out on my job last thursday. Yep...something i have never done before. I went into work in the morning and nearly had a panic attack. I was just so unhappy. I felt like there was no way out. Something had to be done...

So, i sat on it for a couple of hours and told my boss when i got back from lunch. I actually just quit and set it up so I can use my vacation and sick hours. My final day is December 8th. As of yet, i have no other job.

The real hunt begins tomorrow. What kills me is, i felt so strapped in. There didnt seem to be any way for me to get out of my job, until now. Now i see how i can get some part time jobs or seasonal and look for something else. Or maybe I will stumble upon something great right off the bat.

I guess the point is, i learned that things seem much worse when you are in the midst of it. And that everyone has a breaking point, when the little switch is flipped and we move into action mode.

I feel pretty happy about it all now. I feel like I can do anything I want to now. Not bound by hours and schedule and resumes.

I will write more now that I am at home and searching for a job. Shall keep you all updated on the hunt.

tweet tweet went the bird.