08 December 2006

Type Type Type...Ring Ring Ring

My face is feeling better thanks. Today was almost the second worst day of my life but I was able to see the sun behind the clouds...in case you were wondering.

Today was my very last day at the library and my very first day in my new temp job. I work the 10pm-6am shift at a IT help line. Yikes....it is better then it sounds my pretties. I am all alone so that lets me think and plan and scheme and also read and blog and listen to music. Also, the work is crazy easy so that is kinda nice too. I am still hunting for other jobs of couse, one of my references says that she has received two inquiries. so that is good. Plus, who knows...i may just up and move.

While waiting for people to call i was assigned some data entry stuff. Ouch my hands hurt. Anyway, i was cutting and pasting some college information into this database and thought i would take note of strange schools. Here is a list. Enjoy!

Crum's Beauty College in Kansas
Xenon International School of Hair Design in Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado
Community College of Micronesia in/on Ponape Island
Central Minnesota Divers in Waite Park Minnesota
Acme Beauty College in Billings Montana
Franklin College of Switzerland in New York
The College of Insurance in New York
Enid School of Beauty in Enid Oklahoma (that is for my pal LLK)
Center for Degree Studies in Scranton PA
Yankton College in Yankton South Dakota
International Bus College in Lubbock Texas
Institute of Paper Chemistry in Appleton Wisconsin
Mount Scenario College in Ladysmith Wisconsin

I think my favorite is the International Bus College. Also The Center for Degree Studies, how vague eh?

Have a great weekend everyone!



Anonymous said...

Fun names spotted amongst patent data:

-Mr. Rikimaru
-Mr. Kang
-First name: Surender

Bird said...

I would kill for my last name to be Kang!

Rich Uncle Skeleton said...

That's gotta be International Business College.

Here's a new major at my sweet ass alma-mater:


I don't know how to link stuff, so suck it.

Bird said...
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Bird said...

Damn you Rich Uncle skeleton for ruining my dream of someday attending the International Bus College and driving a bus in Germany!

i suppose you are correct though...

Also, i am pretty sure that the nickname of Fort Lewis isnt Fort Leisure but is, in fact, Fat Loser. Come on news guys, get it straight.