14 December 2006

Stuff in the Drawer

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I decided to spend some time looking through the desk I share here at the temp job. Looking through people's stuff is a good way to get to know someone, I figure. Sadly, my morning counterpart (Ping Wang) doesnt use the drawers so the items are from the guy who used to have my job. So...here is a list of the stuff in the drawer.

1 Butterfly ping pong paddle (in case)
1 orange Sportcraft ping pong ball
1 July 06 Xbox Magazine
1 1oz tube of Kroger Triple Antibiotic Ointment Plus Pain Relief
1 Pepsismash.com soda lid, Code: B4CXM JKMNC
1 pink nail file set, top missing and only 1 file remaining
1 Nintendo DS Metroid Prime Pinball Case with Mario Golf and New Super Mario Bros.
games inside.
1 bottle of Kroger E Blend Vitamin Dietary Suppliment, softgels stuck together into one huge lump
1 loose Nintendo DS Rumble Pak
1 loose Nintendo DS Nintendo Dogs
2 0.10oz Super Glue bottles
1 orange Hooters lanyard
1 business card for one Audrey V Cutting Specialist/Colorist/Eyebrows
1 half opened, half empty 2oz container of FX Special Effects Molding Wax
Pliable Hair Wax/Flexible hold.
1 Hoyle Playing Card, Joker
1 Conoco Gas Receipt, $21.44
1 7-11 receipt, Items Purchased: 2 20oz SoBe Green Tea @$3.58, 1 Hot Pocket Pepperoni Pizza Flavor @$3.19, 1 Stouffers Lasagna With Meat @$3.39
1 Social Secruity Card stub
1 letter from Pitney Bowes Credit Corporation

From these items i can only assume that the person before me was an unsufferable bore. He had spikey hair and bad breath. He annoyed people with video game talk, card tricks and stories about how the Lateral Crossover is the most difficult footwork technique to practice and incorporate into a ping pong game. He has most likely been a victim of "identity theft" in the last year. He has some kind of open sores and possibly a bad prostate. I would fathom that he is a guy that gets a lot of first dates and then never hears from the women again. One could go so far as to suggest that he has unopened action figures displayed on the shelves of his apartment.

I am sure he is a very nice guy though...



Jackie said...

Dude....I have a Nintendo DS! You should send that shit to me... except I already have that Nintendogs game. And the new Super Mario Bros. *nerd alert*

Never mind.


J said...

You took the Hooters lanyard, didn't you?