31 May 2009

Good christ...I love the Zamboni.

27 May 2009


I know, i haven't blogged in forever. There are a bunch of things I want to talk about; politics, and dumb news and other crap but I am too swamped/sleepy/lazy.

Did I mention i have been busy playing my new Ukulele?

Anyway....Roy turned down the 'non-existent' coaching offer that, he assured us, the Avs did not extended last week. Man, this has got to make Granato feel great eh?

I wonder if we will be shopping around for a different head coach. Keenan just got fired and if he ends up here I will flip my shit...and not in the good way. I dont like that guy.


18 May 2009

Coach Roy?

I suppose we will hear about this sometime soon.

15 May 2009

Hockey and Fruit

It's been a while since i have posted but, in my defense, things have been crazy.

******Hockey's Up First******

As excited as I was for the second round of the playoffs, I am equally un-excited for the conference finals.

Penguins beat the Capitals in seven games.
Carolina beat the Bruins in seven games.
Detroit beat Anaheim in seven games, and
Chicago beat Vancouver in six.

That means that this next round will be super boring! The Wings will stop Chicago's magical run. They are the defending champions and will be back in the finals again.

And, the Penguins will stop Carolina's magical run. They played the Red Wings last year in the finals and will be back there again.

So....no surprises and the same match up as last year. Hmm, kinda boring.

That being said, I think the Pens are better than last year and will really challenge Detroit. As for me, I am rooting for a Penguin Stanley Cup.

Cubie, now ex-cubie as she has moved to a quiet part of the office, had to listen to me blab endlessly about the two things I wanted to see in Hawaii: lava and a pineapple plant. As you may remember, i saw neither (did i tell you about the damn rainbows though? yes, yes i did) and was a little bummed about it.

Today she brought me one...wanna guess which?

My very own Pineapple Plant! I promptly named him Don Quixote because pineapples were introduced to Hawaii by Spainish sailors.

Thanks Cubie! Double thanks for not bringing me hot lava!

Happy Friday to you all!


08 May 2009

Interesting Development

I was just sitting here thinking, "I should blog but I have nothing to say." But then the blog-gods looked down upon me and took pity...

Roy's in town to meet with Lacroix.


I wonder if Roy would make a good coach? He won with his Junior League team but that's not quite the same. He seems like such a hothead...it would certainly be...interesting.

I suppose even if he is horrible, we cant get much worse than we did this season.

This popped into my head while thinking about it so i decided to include it...

Oh Elwood, how I love you (after the scene in the Soul Food Restaurant of course)...


06 May 2009

Derby Winner

Hercules brought up a good point in a comment on my last post. I have overlooked the winner of the Kentucky Derby.

I did see who the winner was, and the crazy come from behind, 50-1, win; but only in highlights. I spent last saturday judging History Day Presentations. Yeah, dont ask.

I am a big fan of horse races. Dont know why. I enjoy watching the Derby and the other triple crown races too and usually do a good job of picking a horse in the top three. I dont bother to look at odds, i just choose based on the best name.

You know I would have chosen Saturdays winner, Mine That Bird. Though Atomic Reign would have been a contender in my book too. Kind of a shame that I missed it really.

Here's a clip of the winning run...with the phrase "got hot" appearing about 150 times.

I love that, at the end he was all, "coming down the rail is...(obviously checking a sheet with names listed)...Mine That Bird!" That and general noise in the crowd, horrified at the money they just lost.

So there Herc, happy now? Check out the Preakness May 16th!


05 May 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Here I am hard at work on the happy day.

~lucha birdy

Defining Moment

First of all, I missed the Caps Penguins game last night but would highly recommend watching the highlights here. Two hat tricks?! So exciting.


In class yesterday one of the students gave a presentation and said that the Jewish Holocaust was the most important moment in the 20th Century.

I really disagree with this statement. Certainly it is an important moment, but not THE penultimate moment. But then it got me thinking, what do i think the most important moment of the 20th Century is?

I am sure my bias is showing but, I think landing on the moon is the most important moment. We left the fucking planet in 1969. LEFT THE PLANET!! I mean, really think about that. Cases could be made for the invention of the microchip, or the first use of the atomic bomb.