06 May 2009

Derby Winner

Hercules brought up a good point in a comment on my last post. I have overlooked the winner of the Kentucky Derby.

I did see who the winner was, and the crazy come from behind, 50-1, win; but only in highlights. I spent last saturday judging History Day Presentations. Yeah, dont ask.

I am a big fan of horse races. Dont know why. I enjoy watching the Derby and the other triple crown races too and usually do a good job of picking a horse in the top three. I dont bother to look at odds, i just choose based on the best name.

You know I would have chosen Saturdays winner, Mine That Bird. Though Atomic Reign would have been a contender in my book too. Kind of a shame that I missed it really.

Here's a clip of the winning run...with the phrase "got hot" appearing about 150 times.

I love that, at the end he was all, "coming down the rail is...(obviously checking a sheet with names listed)...Mine That Bird!" That and general noise in the crowd, horrified at the money they just lost.

So there Herc, happy now? Check out the Preakness May 16th!



Hercules Rockefeller said...

Hammond completely blew that call. He didn't even mention MTB until it was like 3 lengths ahead.

Bird said...

Totally, he was still excited about Papa Clem and i was like....dude, there is a freaking horse right there in front dude!