31 October 2006

Random Thoughts on this, most special, Halloweeny...

Nothing will spoil your halloween like having to work until 8pm. 
It smells like chicken in here.

~I know this is going to surprise you but...there isnt a whole lot going on at the library at 7:24pm on Halloween night.

~I just proposed making up a haunted library ghost story and one of my shelvers looks at me and says...."noooooo!!!" Like there is something wrong with me. Is there something wrong with me?

~Headlines from the website...
"Twin Gorillas Celebrate Their Birthday in Atlanta"

"Truck spills 2 tons of pig heads on road"

~German jokes are long and funny and strange

~Momma's boys stink...that's right you heard me...

~i am eating the cutest piece of candy ever!!

~I am in some kind of rift where time is actually moving backward. If you can read this, you should come to the library and get me.

~lord, there isnt anything to even talk about, that is how little is going on.

okay fine. i will leave...i hope you and yours have a happy happy halloween!



25 October 2006


No no...not the Armed Forces of Colombia.

Thats a big farc for my job search. But lets not dwell on that eh? Instead lets dwell on stuff like...

how cool are humans man? I mean...someone figured out how to get a hunk a junk like that into fucking space! SPACE!!!


the beatles....music. I mean really, how genius were the beatles.


Hockey! Thanks Canada!

Of Course...

Lets see...what else can make us forget about the soul sucking task of looking for a job...oh i know...

K is going to see ovenchicken tonight.
His nickname not mine but pretty clever really, so clever you would think that I had said it...

Others are going to see the Detroit Cobras

Others still will be looking for jobs and to you all i wish good good luck and can only suggest...

word...tweeted the bird

22 October 2006

Balloon Fiesta

So, I missed the balloon fiesta again! Sadly, two weeks out of work prevented me from going. Bummer....someday I will get there.

Anyway, here are two photos from the Balloon Fiesta Website:

Sigh...next year


17 October 2006

"I wish to Christ that all of a sudden winter would come" Bill Koontz

A random quote that I came upon today...how fitting.

So, work for me today was wonderful. I dont know if it was the first snow or the fact that i got a strange compliment or the coffee that I had this morning.

Even though work was good i am more excited about going home-watching some voltron and drinking some tea....however, getting home may be an adventure in itself.

Keep warm and drive safe


08 October 2006

Testing Testing

I made some changes to the settings on the old blog-o-rama so I am just testing them out.

Briefly let me say a couple of things...

1. the city and county of denver was at one point planning an arts and cafts fair. It was my goal to lie to these people...telling them that I was part of the loverly Curios Candles folks. While yes, they are friends, i do nothing but buy from them (as an aside...buy from these ladies. They are the best candles ever because they actually make them by hand with care...making sure that they dont burn all stupid). Anyway, we go to this meeting and i swear i thought i would jab myself in the eyes half way through. Instead of just telling people how it was going to be the lady was like, "what do you think?" Which, honestly-dont ask people that because i am 99% sure what they think is stupid. And, true to form the quilters were like...can we set the date for August 2015 so I can make a bunch-a quilts? And the people who, I am sure, make those scary ass clown masks were like...can I get half a table and pay half-maybe get 1/3 of a table because you know-masks and stuff sell so well. It was horrible and lead to the people saying...ummm yeah we will get back to you about the craft fair. It will never happen and there is government for you. How can we run a goddamn city if we cant even run a craft fair?

2. After the last preseason game the local NBC station was asking Nick Ferguson if he was excited to get the season started. He said something to the equivalent of "It is time to put on the teflon jacket and get out there!" At the time I thought it was just him flubbing the word kevlar. I mean...teflon? that makes no sense; unless he was talking about nothing sticking to teflon so if you were making a tackle you would just slide right off. I told my Broncos loving brother about it and he pointed out the 50 Cent lyric..

"I'm on the teflon vest shit
that wild wild west shit
81 1 carat stones on my necklace."

So, maybe I am the jackass for not getting it straight....curiouser and curiouser

3. All my fantasy-sports dreams are coming true! No wait...i am sorry I have that wrong. In week four I was booted out of the Flatirons Survival League. My fantasy football team, the solid muldoons, started a quarterback with a bye this week, and hockey...well, it is too early to tell but I am nervous.

4. I should, at this point, either finish looking for jobs or go to bed!

best to you all


06 October 2006

Go To College Young Man...

All your life you are taught that the goal is a four year degree at some sort of college or university. In school it is pushed into your brain...your grades your grades. You will never get into college with those grades. Then, your senior year you get together with all your other little college bound pals and start visiting campuses. You write letters and fill out forms and in some cases, audition, and finally you get a letter that says yes, yes we want you. So you go. You move. You spend at least one semester fucking off. Then it sinks in...oh lord the future. You will never get a good job without a good gpa!

I went to college. I have two degrees. I wrote an undergraduate thesis. I spent months away from friends working in the mountains so i could get a job in my field. I gave up vacations and sitting around on the front porch hanging out and drinking beer. I gave up cushy jobs at the music library, messing around with boys i had crushes on so I could tromp around the mountains looking for old shit.

I get a good gpa, i get good references, i get good scholarships while there. I make pals and have a good time.

I graduate and get a job in my field. I think I am lucky. I get greedy and want more. I want to be out in the mountains again. Looking for stuff not just mapping it in an office downtown. I leave and think, I am lucky again. I get what I want.

I spend months researching and writing about stuff I dont care about just so I can get to the good stuff. I travel to neighboring states, risking relationships and friends, do my work and finally get to the good stuff. Then, when I get there....it isnt so good. It is hard and it is miserable at times. I drink too much and risk more relationships. I look around and see that everyone who is here with me, they are all trapped and all feel the same way. These relationships we all form...they are all the same-all over the nation-a group of people trapped and unhappy and looked upon as modern day indiana jones'.

So i think, i need to get out. I knock my self down because all these skills get me no where. Like the last 10 years were a waste of my time. After a couple of months I feel lucky again. Thinking i found something i can do while i sort out the future. But that isnt the case at all. Three months I find out that this wont work either. That i am too bored. I am too skilled even though no other employer would think so. Am I better off then when I was drinking too much and unhappy? So i start again. Looking again.

A visitor gives me a momentary burst of energy, happiness. I think, yes yes I am lucky. The world is before me and i can choose from any of these things. But then, reality sets in and while i feel like I can choose these people, the people looking over my cv, see someone who is too qualified, who isnt qualified enough, who is asking too much money.

So here i sit...a decade after graduating thinking to myself...all those student loans, those nice memories...are they worth it? I am just as lost as that freshman in highschool, that sophmore in college who has to finally choose his major, that senior who just graduated and is thrust into the workforce.

The flowers and rainbows of "what do you want to do when you grow up? What is your dream job? Find what you like and go for it!" All that shit is gone.

I just want to work, be appreciated and treated with respect and not have to give up relationships, beers on fridays, vacations to geeky places that i like, and some fucking security.

go to college? maybe that's the key...grad school...