31 October 2006

Random Thoughts on this, most special, Halloweeny...

Nothing will spoil your halloween like having to work until 8pm. 
It smells like chicken in here.

~I know this is going to surprise you but...there isnt a whole lot going on at the library at 7:24pm on Halloween night.

~I just proposed making up a haunted library ghost story and one of my shelvers looks at me and says...."noooooo!!!" Like there is something wrong with me. Is there something wrong with me?

~Headlines from the website...
"Twin Gorillas Celebrate Their Birthday in Atlanta"

"Truck spills 2 tons of pig heads on road"

~German jokes are long and funny and strange

~Momma's boys stink...that's right you heard me...

~i am eating the cutest piece of candy ever!!

~I am in some kind of rift where time is actually moving backward. If you can read this, you should come to the library and get me.

~lord, there isnt anything to even talk about, that is how little is going on.

okay fine. i will leave...i hope you and yours have a happy happy halloween!



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