18 November 2007


"...it looks like some sort of ocular device."

Really Nicolas Cage or should I say writers for Nicolas Cage

I dont know about you guys but I need to clean my ocular devices...

16 November 2007

Olden Times

Here is why Olden Times is my favorite historical period...

"The Tactical and Strategical Value of Dirigible Balloons and Aerodynamical Flying Machines" written by,

14 November 2007

Good Old Texas

Something I like about Texas; crazy names! There has to be a heavy German population based on some of the city names. My favorite so far is Pflugerville. Also, signs for the water park, Schlitterbahn. Come ride the Schlitterbahn...that's how you get someone into bed. (ba dum bum)

Of course there are the good old native american names too like, my favorite, Waxahachie. Q turned me onto it and guess what everyone, the Superconducting Super Collider was to be built near by! Who doesnt love a boondoggle?


I cant f-ing sleep.

I guess i dont have much else to say...

Austin is humid and tomorrow it is supposed to be 87 degrees! yikes.

I can see this huge ass building from the hotel.

Also, this building


lord, where is the sleep hiding at?

12 November 2007

Wastin Time

I am going to Austin for work tomorrow and because of that I have some time to kill. You know what that means: Random Posts!!

I have been sitting up all day! For those of you not following my back pain story we are at day 12 of me barely being able to stand and sit. Hopefully it will continue to get better and better rather then get better and then worse when I decide to go jump around on a jumpy air castle thingy with a bunch of 7 year olds...

Check out the Hi-larious poll question over at 9news.com:

"During the Wyoming/Utah football game, Utah attempted an onside kick while leading 43-0, prompting the Wyoming coach to give Utah the finger. Which coach's actions do you think were more unsportsmanlike?"

That's good times...

Is this news? Yeah, I didnt think so.


10 November 2007

The Verdict...

Q felt that I needed to say more. The lemon chess pie wasnt chunky but I felt that it needed more tartness. When I asked Q to give me a one word description he said, "reminiscent" which I suppose is good. Of course, i never asked what it was reminiscent of so maybe it isnt as good as I thought...

08 November 2007

Why Is It Chunky?!

I am sure that Munpe Q will confirm that two of the previous three statements are true; however, I really wanted to try and make this Lemon Chess Pie that Q used to eat as a kid. I found a couple recipes online and it seemed simple enough. Even with my busted back it was do-able.

Things seemed to be going well but my first glitch came when I realised I needed three tablespoons of lemon zest. That is a hell of a lot. Then after beating and beating (no joke) it refused to get smooth. I even left out the cornmeal so there is really no excuse. It was insane. Liquid lemon batter shooting all over the kitchen. Eventually it got to a point where i said fuck it and dumped it into a pie dish.

It is baking as I write and i will post a photo showing Q's reaction to it when it's done.

Here's the real question though; why the hell can't I cook. I mean, it feels like I used to be able to and now I cant. Maybe I just thought I could cook and really never could...sadness. It is one thing if I choose not to cook and quite another if I am unable to

04 November 2007

Those Who Do Not Learn From the Past...

Two years ago I was sitting in my house waiting for my back to stop hurting so I could go back to work and to my life. Here I am again, laying on the couch and not in the "lazy sunday" kind of way. I have been down and out for a couple days and missed yet another entertaining function so i could instead, writhe on the couch and watch Constantine. I actually kind of liked it, the movie that is.

Needless to say, I am pretty tired of this. I went for a massage on friday and Ms. Paine (no lie) worked my glutes. Seems my lower back pain is centered in my ass.

Interesting. After the massage I noticed a difference but a couple of hours later and my ass had tightened up again and I was back to laying around writhing in pain.

Seriously tired of this shit.

As an aside, what the fuck is wrong with the Broncos?