08 November 2007

Why Is It Chunky?!

I am sure that Munpe Q will confirm that two of the previous three statements are true; however, I really wanted to try and make this Lemon Chess Pie that Q used to eat as a kid. I found a couple recipes online and it seemed simple enough. Even with my busted back it was do-able.

Things seemed to be going well but my first glitch came when I realised I needed three tablespoons of lemon zest. That is a hell of a lot. Then after beating and beating (no joke) it refused to get smooth. I even left out the cornmeal so there is really no excuse. It was insane. Liquid lemon batter shooting all over the kitchen. Eventually it got to a point where i said fuck it and dumped it into a pie dish.

It is baking as I write and i will post a photo showing Q's reaction to it when it's done.

Here's the real question though; why the hell can't I cook. I mean, it feels like I used to be able to and now I cant. Maybe I just thought I could cook and really never could...sadness. It is one thing if I choose not to cook and quite another if I am unable to

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hrdwrebae said...

If you added Lemon zest in the form of lemon peel...the batter won't ever be smooth. peels don't dissolve in the batter. I am not sure they disolve when cooked..or if they just get soft and we don't notice them. Keep trying...you will get the hang of it. Last year making fudge i tried 3 times before i figured out i was using 3/4 of a stick of butter instead ot 3/4 of a CUP of butter. :)

I can bake (cookies/pies/desserts) like crazy i just can't cook regular food (meats/casseroles). I think that is the reason why i'm a big girl. :)

the cool thing about baking...even if you mess up they don't look like they should, but they still taste okay. :) haha