29 June 2007


This morning I got up at the crack of dawnish to come to work. While in the bathroom I looked up and saw an earwig.

OH god...blech...hhhaannnnbbbeeethhhh yuck! I hate these little suckers so much. Once, i was sitting on the floor watching tv and the ex came up and said, "i dont want to freak you out but you have an earwig..." before the final words were out of his mouth i was leaping and freaking out, tearing off my shirt to get away from the vile thing. Blech indeed.

So of course i get out some tp to squish the hell out of it and guess what...its blood was tropical blue. Like the water in an outhouse blue...Like a fruity drink blue.

Isnt alien blood blue? good lord....

27 June 2007


No matter how crappy I am feeling I can always put on some music and force myself into feeling happy.

My current favorite happy song is Fight Test by The Flaming Lips.

You can read the lyrics here and listen to it (if this is your first time) here.

Sigh....arent you feeling better already?

22 June 2007

Mine is Better Then Your's

After working 12 hours the other day, I return home to find warm homemade lasagna waiting for me. Yummers...


Not only was he enthusiastic about wandering out into the night to watch the space shuttle and ISS zip by, he suggested a great place to watch it and spotted it just in time...


He's actually excited about visiting all the goofy places I want to visit...


19 June 2007

Things You Cant Afford

Apple's new iPhone

I really like these little buggers but experienced some serious sticker shock at the price. $400 for a 4 gig and $600 for an 8 gig. Seriously, at that price the damn thing better vibrate and come with a "I'm Making You Breakfast" button.

Tickets to the Yankees Games at Coors Field.

Please note here that the cheapest ticket is 25 dollars. Just one week later, if you wanna see the Mets, the tickets seem much more affordable.

The Sports Guys have been talking about this issue quite a bit. Charlie Monfort and the rockies administration have set up a tiered pricing system where "Premium" games cost more. How can the team know which games are important before the season starts, you may ask. Oh silly, the games listed as premium arent "must see's" because the team could get into the playoffs...no, they are games that will sell out so why not jack up the price and make a lot of money?

I hate shit like this. Shouldnt you keep the prices the same to reward the city for dealing with crappy baseball since the 1995 Wild Card Season? Does anybody think that the increased revenue will actually go back into the team? Yeah, I didnt think so.

18 June 2007

That's What She Said...

I had a rather lazy weekend, which is needed every once and a while. Today I woke up and things seemed to be fine until i got to work. My whole day was shot to hell right away. Ah, well, what can you do eh? Monday's are mondays....

Just recently i was talking to some people about those bruises you get under your nails when you smash em. I have never had any on my fingers or toes, though i always kind of wanted one...just to look cool ya know? Anyway, today i got my wish. I think I should have wished for a pony instead. Or, no wait...damn! I should have wished for more wishes!

Sometime on Saturday Q and i were chatting and he made a remark to which I replied, "I don't think in 3D" What kind of insane shit is that? I mean, fuck--even dogs think in 3d. I am sure it made sense in my head at the time, but that isnt saying much for me now is it?

Here is an interesting, if not geeky, story about Scientists grinding spheres that will serve as the new global standard kilogram. It seems the current standard is a bar of platinum that is slowly deteriorating. I am interested in the idea that, weights and measurments have to be preserved so that what weighs 20 pounds now will still weigh that much in 50 years. That measurments 100 years ago are the same as today. Who thinks about preserving this stuff? I would imagine that most of us just take that kind of foresight for granted.

Also, the global standard kilogram has a great name...the International Prototype..I wanna take a photo of it.

Happy Fathers day to you fathers and fathers to be (I'm lookin at you "Chuck Norris Doesnt Sleep, He Waits")

Actually, speaking of pregnancy, has the whole world gone gay! No wait, wrong line...has the whole world gone preggo?! Big congrats to my pal Hofer who's wife is expecting a little Dieter in July.

Hope your monday gets better, or continues to be grand-


15 June 2007

In Recent News....

...things are not always what they appear to be.


13 June 2007

Let's Get Serious For a Minute

I know you are all very busy talking about Die Hard, naked men, Mocha Frappuccinos (i dont know what that is really), and maneuvers but we have a serious issue that needs to be discussed...

Mr. Wizard is Dead!!

I know, many of you may be thinking,"I didnt even know he was still alive" and I felt the same way but then I started to remember all the wonderful hours I would spend thinking, "Why cant i be a Mr. Wizard kid?" "How come my fake volcano looks like shit?" "I wish Mr. Wizard was my dad so my science fair projects would actually work."

He made learning fun and other cliches...

First 3-2-1 Contact and now this...what is happening to my childhood memories.

11 June 2007

Nine Minutes to Space

I stayed late at work on friday so that I could watch Atlantis launch.

Did you get to see it?

Right now there are seven men orbiting the earth, latched on to the international space station. Two are currently preparing to leave the shuttle and hang out in space for a bit. Can you imagine that?

With all the months of prep and the worries about the foam and external tank the launch went smoothly. Nine minutes after take off the crew was in space racing to catch up with the space station.

Video of the launch and other interesting bits can be seen here.

Happy Monday all

07 June 2007

Please, Sir, can I have some more?**

** To be said in your best bad British accent so as to annoy your English pals...

Has anyone else noticed that Oatmeal is a little depressing? Dont get me wrong, I enjoy it, much more then I did when it was forced upon me as a child. But there is just something very gruel-esque about the whole thing.

Geez Wilford, relax, I am eating it already...

06 June 2007

I Got Me Some Books Smarts

Did you guys know that a pineapple doesnt grow on a tree but rather in a large pokey looking bush? Here, let me show you.

See? What the hell. Am i the only dope who thought they grew on trees?

Do you guys think they are related to the artichoke?


With game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight, what better way to get you in mood then this fantastical goal from Ovechkin earlier in the year.

Editors note: for some reason blogger and you tube are being bastards so there is no posting on the blog rather you must click the word...


Also hockey related is this excellent blog from the folks over at "And Here Come the Pretzels!"

There are countless number of sports bloggers out there. Honestly, it is astounding. To read some you can check out Orange Bucksnorts and see a list of quality sites on the right.


I suppose it is about time to get back to work. Happy wed-nes-day

05 June 2007

Damn You Oprah

Oprah, because she is so cutting edge, has selected some interesting novels for her book club. No wait, I am sorry. She has selected some of the most obvious choices because she is too busy at another O magazine photo shoot.

Her last three books have consisted of 2 Pulitzer Prize winners and one penned by a cat who won the Nobel Peace Prize; i guess that is a sure fire way to make sure you dont pick a stinker. But come on....there are so many great books out there. Why not take a chance on the book i am currently reading, The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs.

04 June 2007

My Head Hurts

I have had a headache for three days. It is becoming a bit of a problem. I checked out my symptoms on webmd.com. Much to the commanders chagrin, it is like having your very own doctor at home (or in my case, at work). Ahh, self diagnosis.

Anyway, I guess you could classify these as migraines. What a bummer. Hopefully today will be the last of them. They are really eating into my personal time you know?

By the by, the cartoon above was snagged from The Argyle Academy, a super fantasticly fun website with neato stuff for you to buy.

01 June 2007

It's Friday....

I'm feeling Cautiously Annoyed