18 June 2007

That's What She Said...

I had a rather lazy weekend, which is needed every once and a while. Today I woke up and things seemed to be fine until i got to work. My whole day was shot to hell right away. Ah, well, what can you do eh? Monday's are mondays....

Just recently i was talking to some people about those bruises you get under your nails when you smash em. I have never had any on my fingers or toes, though i always kind of wanted one...just to look cool ya know? Anyway, today i got my wish. I think I should have wished for a pony instead. Or, no wait...damn! I should have wished for more wishes!

Sometime on Saturday Q and i were chatting and he made a remark to which I replied, "I don't think in 3D" What kind of insane shit is that? I mean, fuck--even dogs think in 3d. I am sure it made sense in my head at the time, but that isnt saying much for me now is it?

Here is an interesting, if not geeky, story about Scientists grinding spheres that will serve as the new global standard kilogram. It seems the current standard is a bar of platinum that is slowly deteriorating. I am interested in the idea that, weights and measurments have to be preserved so that what weighs 20 pounds now will still weigh that much in 50 years. That measurments 100 years ago are the same as today. Who thinks about preserving this stuff? I would imagine that most of us just take that kind of foresight for granted.

Also, the global standard kilogram has a great name...the International Prototype..I wanna take a photo of it.

Happy Fathers day to you fathers and fathers to be (I'm lookin at you "Chuck Norris Doesnt Sleep, He Waits")

Actually, speaking of pregnancy, has the whole world gone gay! No wait, wrong line...has the whole world gone preggo?! Big congrats to my pal Hofer who's wife is expecting a little Dieter in July.

Hope your monday gets better, or continues to be grand-


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