19 June 2007

Things You Cant Afford

Apple's new iPhone

I really like these little buggers but experienced some serious sticker shock at the price. $400 for a 4 gig and $600 for an 8 gig. Seriously, at that price the damn thing better vibrate and come with a "I'm Making You Breakfast" button.

Tickets to the Yankees Games at Coors Field.

Please note here that the cheapest ticket is 25 dollars. Just one week later, if you wanna see the Mets, the tickets seem much more affordable.

The Sports Guys have been talking about this issue quite a bit. Charlie Monfort and the rockies administration have set up a tiered pricing system where "Premium" games cost more. How can the team know which games are important before the season starts, you may ask. Oh silly, the games listed as premium arent "must see's" because the team could get into the playoffs...no, they are games that will sell out so why not jack up the price and make a lot of money?

I hate shit like this. Shouldnt you keep the prices the same to reward the city for dealing with crappy baseball since the 1995 Wild Card Season? Does anybody think that the increased revenue will actually go back into the team? Yeah, I didnt think so.

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