13 June 2007

Let's Get Serious For a Minute

I know you are all very busy talking about Die Hard, naked men, Mocha Frappuccinos (i dont know what that is really), and maneuvers but we have a serious issue that needs to be discussed...

Mr. Wizard is Dead!!

I know, many of you may be thinking,"I didnt even know he was still alive" and I felt the same way but then I started to remember all the wonderful hours I would spend thinking, "Why cant i be a Mr. Wizard kid?" "How come my fake volcano looks like shit?" "I wish Mr. Wizard was my dad so my science fair projects would actually work."

He made learning fun and other cliches...

First 3-2-1 Contact and now this...what is happening to my childhood memories.

1 comment:

Hercules Rockefeller said...

What happened to 3-2-1 contact?

It's crazy that i remembered that intro. I'm sittin here thinking "Here comes the trampoline, here comes the piano key. I know there's a cat in here somewhere....there it is."