30 January 2008


A random shot i took at work...

What's your favorite Megafauna?

Colorado Obama Rally Update...

Holy Crap!


It isnt just that he is inspiring (which he is), it isnt just that he is an excellent public speaker (which he is), it's that I actually like his message. I actually like what he has to say. I believe in him, that he would lead the country in a stong, intelligent manner.

Right now, for today-one day at least-I dont feel like casting a vote in a national election would be choosing between a lesser of two evils.


29 January 2008


Why doesnt the washing machine beep when it is done with a cycle? I mean, the dryer beeps but not the washer. I have found that I often dont care when the dryer is done as I let the clothes sit there...but the washer...yeah I care about the washer.

My head feels kinda like it is a big balloon. Stuffed full. It isnt painful, just strange. I cant describe it.

How 'bout Obama's big win in South Carolina? I was pretty excited about it. He will be in town tomorrow morning for a rally and I would love to go but seriously Obama, 8:30am? Trying to fit in all those flyover states...

Former Pres. Bill Clinton is having a rally for the ol ball and chain tomorrow night at 9pm. He's pretty rad so I would like to go to that as well and yet...you know I am just going to work and then come home and maybe work some more. Oh, how I love Marfa....


24 January 2008

How Dumb Are Voters?

If you are to believe the media, pretty fucking dumb.

Everyday, all day, the democratic candidates are facing the most ridiculous questions that have ever been asked of people seeking the presidential nomination. Before this year the "stupidest question" was always something silly like, did you inhale. These days, however, it's all about race and gender. Are you going after the African-American vote in South Carolina? You didnt win a majority of the female vote, do you think that will hurt your chances?

Barack Obama was on the Today show yesterday, talking about the heated debate the night before in Myrtle Beach, SC. I thought he did well answering Meredith Viera's stupid race questions with, "I think we are all trying to win every vote in south carolina."

Honestly, i am tired of the media (liberal and conservative) going on and on about whether we are going to vote black or white, male or female. It is insulting to all of us as voters. It is obvious that the voters arent just making choices based on race and gender, so why cant the media stop shoving it in our face as if it is the only issue we care about?! Why cant we have a discussion about stances on health care and the economy and education and social security....you know-issues the voters have said are important? God, what i wouldnt give for a lock-box discussion right fucking now!

And you know that if Clinton or Obama are nominated it will just be more of this until the national election. And then, if either of them win in November 08 it will be four years of analyzing every goddamn decision based on their race or gender. It will go on nonstop even though voters will have stopped caring a long time ago.

The question isnt whether voters are ready for a black or woman president...the question is; is the media ready?

21 January 2008


This article makes me shine.

Perhaps there is hope for the country yet...

I like smart people, no matter what gender or color.


20 January 2008

You Know It's a Shitty Monday When...

You get an email Sunday Night that says all your work done on Friday is gone due to a catastrophic loss of array resulting from a hard disk failure.

What does that mean exactly? All those tables you made detailing every site you recorded in the RGV including the date of construction and NR eligibility is gone baby, gone.

Monday is my favorite day ever...

funny pictures

18 January 2008


I will buy you a beer if you can tell me what this is...

No cheating by installing google and then googling it...

Tomorrow I will let you know what it is and then properly cite it since it is too cool just to snag.


17 January 2008


I have this blechy gross feeling in the pit of my stomache. I wish i could make it go away but what I can do is blog and say, "you fucking douche!" Sigh...hardly anyone knows what I am talking about or, more important, who that is for.

14 January 2008

Angry Claudio

FYI...i just got a flickr account. You can check it out here. Perhaps you noticed from the huge photos on the blog...pushing around all the text and borders of my site. Yes indeed, i think that in the future I will just be posting like regular on blogspot. Feel free to check out the photos on flickr. I dont know when I will be posting more but perhaps soon. it is good stuff.

Also, i have a new listography account too. Q turned me onto this by way of the listography book. Fun Stuff. Who know how often i will update but I will post links on the right there.

Okay....now on to the post...


The family and I were in Tucson with hours to kill so we headed out to the Biosphere 2. The guy giving the tour was named Claudio. He was the same guy who did my tour several years ago when I was doing research in Arizona. At that time, i happened to tour with a tv crew from Phoenix. He was very good.

This time, however, it was just us regular folks...he was not so nice. I could go on and on about Angry Claudio but why when others have come before me...

Here, Claudio seems to be saying, "Can you hear me? Am I boring you? Come closer to Claudio and I will tell you how I saved the biospherians' lives. What? You heard what? No, no you have been misinformed!"

I am home now...for at least a week. Who wants to go to a Rage-Bees Game?

Energy Center

Energy Center, originally uploaded by birdorama.

The Energy Center at the Biosphere 2. Neat buildings

Harlan J. Smith Telescope at McDonald Observatory

Smith doors opening, originally uploaded by birdorama.

Doors opening for the Smith Telescope. 107 inches baby!

Antelope Lodge

Antelope Lodge Window, originally uploaded by birdorama.

I liked this window. The Antelope Lodge in Alpine Texas is so cute. It was a motor court that has been minimally updated. Super great place with a wonderful staff, rock shop, and a nice fuzzy gato named Clementine.

Super Guppy

Super Guppy, originally uploaded by birdorama.

Nasa Super Guppy baby. This carried spacecraft components. I cant even believe that a thing like this can fly...

El Paso Museum Sculpture

El Paso Museum Sculpture, originally uploaded by birdorama.

Daisies...yay! The El Paso Museum of Art is free. When I was there, killing time before my flight to Tucson, i was able to check out art and listen to a piano recital. Good stuff

Marfa Prada

Marfa Prada, originally uploaded by birdorama.

A Pop Art piece west of Marfa Texas.

VLBA Ft Davis

VLBA Ft Davis, originally uploaded by birdorama.

I saw this from the McDonald Observatory and was very excited. It is one of ten that stretch from Hawaii to the US Virgin Islands. Neato

11 January 2008

It's All About the Hair...

Family....honestly what could be better then drinking, arguing, talking, "sharing", with family. Huh....absolutely nothing.

There are some serious issues with these here folks...

Check out Sklimps baby!

09 January 2008

Texas Update

Good old McDonalds. I dont even like this damn place and I have been here to do interweb stuff three times this week. Blech. Skipping the food and just having a coke so I suppose it could be worse.

Anyway...today was kind of a slacker day. Research in Alpine and Fort Davis. Everything is 30 miles from everywhere else and only open half days so i found myself with some extra time in Fort Davis. Not enough to hop in the rental and drive back to Apline or Marfa so instead i hit McDonald Observatory which was only 16 miles from the TPWD offices.

Best 8 bucks I have spent in a long time. I was the only person for most of it and then two old farts joined the guided tour and real-time look at the sun (yes, in fact i did burn out my eyes) just in time to ask stupid questions over and over again. Awesome.

While taking photos from outside the domes I saw what looked like an antenna and in fact, it was.

I didnt take this photo. This is from the NRAO website. However, i did take a photo and will post stuff soon. Anyway, this is one of the ten radio telescope antennas scattered from Hawaii to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Good times.

I also saw animals today. Lots of em...dead wild pig, bunch of turkeys, a field filled with elk and baby elk and miniature horses and cows. It was truly insane.

Alright. I am out of here tomorrow afternoon and since i wont be going home but rather spending time with family against my will, prepare your self for blogs of anger and annoyance. Indeed.


08 January 2008


Well, what can i say about Marfa and Alpine and Van Horn and Sierra Blanca and El Paso? Perhaps the fact that I am blogging at the local McDonalds because my hotel (completely wonderful in every other way) has stupidly stupid wifi will help you understand...

Lemme just show you some photos and then i can explain it all later. I am out of Texas on Thursday afternoon and on to Arizona. Oh yes-so excited-can you feel the sarcasm?

More later...