09 January 2008

Texas Update

Good old McDonalds. I dont even like this damn place and I have been here to do interweb stuff three times this week. Blech. Skipping the food and just having a coke so I suppose it could be worse.

Anyway...today was kind of a slacker day. Research in Alpine and Fort Davis. Everything is 30 miles from everywhere else and only open half days so i found myself with some extra time in Fort Davis. Not enough to hop in the rental and drive back to Apline or Marfa so instead i hit McDonald Observatory which was only 16 miles from the TPWD offices.

Best 8 bucks I have spent in a long time. I was the only person for most of it and then two old farts joined the guided tour and real-time look at the sun (yes, in fact i did burn out my eyes) just in time to ask stupid questions over and over again. Awesome.

While taking photos from outside the domes I saw what looked like an antenna and in fact, it was.

I didnt take this photo. This is from the NRAO website. However, i did take a photo and will post stuff soon. Anyway, this is one of the ten radio telescope antennas scattered from Hawaii to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Good times.

I also saw animals today. Lots of em...dead wild pig, bunch of turkeys, a field filled with elk and baby elk and miniature horses and cows. It was truly insane.

Alright. I am out of here tomorrow afternoon and since i wont be going home but rather spending time with family against my will, prepare your self for blogs of anger and annoyance. Indeed.


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