29 January 2008


Why doesnt the washing machine beep when it is done with a cycle? I mean, the dryer beeps but not the washer. I have found that I often dont care when the dryer is done as I let the clothes sit there...but the washer...yeah I care about the washer.

My head feels kinda like it is a big balloon. Stuffed full. It isnt painful, just strange. I cant describe it.

How 'bout Obama's big win in South Carolina? I was pretty excited about it. He will be in town tomorrow morning for a rally and I would love to go but seriously Obama, 8:30am? Trying to fit in all those flyover states...

Former Pres. Bill Clinton is having a rally for the ol ball and chain tomorrow night at 9pm. He's pretty rad so I would like to go to that as well and yet...you know I am just going to work and then come home and maybe work some more. Oh, how I love Marfa....


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The Happy Cynic said...

Crap! I'm going to miss Obama AGAIN? Why can't they give us more notice about these things? Sheesh.