26 February 2008

Coffee Talk

This is a post about Hockey, but I like Coffee Talk with Linda Richman...

Anyway, since you are reading...

The NHL trade deadline was today and there were some big names moving around. Check out this website for each teams deals.

Big news for Colorado, some good, some bad, some WTF?!

Yesterday, prior to the deadline Peter Forsberg signed with the Avs. He had been adrift since his ankle injury middle of last season. I had said last fall that there was a rumor about Forsberg coming back to town and I thought it would make sense, play another year/half a year and then retire with your Avs jersey on. More recently, i had heard he was in Sweden skating with his old team but had said he was hoping to return to the NHL...oh baby. I called it but no one, except for maybe Q, will believe me. Also, it doesnt really matter because, while forsberg is exciting and fun to watch, he isnt the same player-he's prone to injury-and he has no spleen (everyone knows that the spleen is where the hockey skills come from).

Today, the real excitement happened. Do you want the good news or bad news first?

So, the Avs traded one of my favorite players, Karlis Skrastins, to Florida for Defenseman Ruslan Salei. Salei is a good player but Skrastins is just such a solid guy and a bad ass. I heard Francois Giguere say that Skrastins heard about the trade on television. Sadness. This for me is kinda like the Stephan Yelle trade, a big bummer. Sigh...

And now, for the good news...Adam Foote was acquired and - in what may be the strangest thing ever - was on the ice for the last four minutes of the first period of tonights Calgary game (the flames scored as I typed this...stupid shorthanded goal). Then he started the second period. Um...has this ever happened before? No matter, I am so happy to see Foote in an Avs jersey. I honestly had chills when he sat down on the bench. Happiness!

Ah yes, hockey fun...i hope your favorite team made some deals....


ps Sorry to all you Leaf fans...

25 February 2008

Ralph Nader STD Update...

Um, while looking something up I realized that a someone has already compared Nader to Genital Herpes, which now makes me feel like a schmo. While I didnt steal this idea from TBogg (it came to me while driving in the car on the way to work) i decided I should acknowledge it and change mine to...

Ralph Nader is the Pelvic Inflammatory Disease of Elections...

* Both are caused by nasty bacteria...what?
* Douching puts you at risk...umm?
* Both cause chronic pelvic pain...this one is actually appropriate

Alright...nuff said.

Ralph Nader is the Genital Herpes of Elections

This morning while driving into work I realized how much Ralph Nader and herpes simplex virus type 2 have in common...

* They are both non-life threatening
* They are both irritating
* They are both unattractive
* There is no known cure for either
* They can both appear without warning and
* An outbreak of both last longer then you care to think about...

Seriously Ralph, you're not a spoiler in 2008...the only dissent this year lies in the Republican party and you will not offer hope to Reps who dont like McCain. Also, of all the years to come into an election and muck about with the Dems, this may be the lamest of all. Liberals will rally around Obama or Clinton after the DNC in August. If you think you will find a group of progressives that will throw their vote your way, you're crazy...worst of all you know it but still dont care.

Honestly, you are just kind of a sad old man.

Nader: "A Jeffersonian revolution is needed in this country."
Bird: "Agreed, but you also need a 'Jefferson' to lead it and you my friend, you are no Jefferson."

20 February 2008

Nerd Alert*

*As my friend Glorie would say...

The last lunar eclipse until 2010 is tonight. Ahh, space is neat. As mentioned in the article, with the help of a telescope you can check out Saturns' Rings. Super neat...if the clouds dont spoil it. Stupid clouds...

As an aside, this popped into my head when I was writing the above:

(Bart points the tank turret at the school)
Principal Skinner: (Gasp) Good Lord! He's going to fire!
Jimbo: All right! Scud the school, dude!
Edna Krabappel: (Without enthusiasm) No. Stop. Think of the children.
(Bart moves the turret towards the church)
Reverend Lovejoy: Not the church! Jesus lives there!
(Bart moves the turret to aim at the Discount Frames store)
Homer: The frames store! You monster!
(Bart aims at the sky)
Sideshow Mel: Not the sky! That's where clouds are born!

Good stuff that Focusin...


"The Satellite Looks Down Right Now and Forever"

I am sure most of you folks have heard about the spy satellite
that was first reported about back in January.

It isnt responding to commands, is in a decaying orbit, and will strike the
ground in March. But recently the U.S. has said that to protect us from
large chunks of metal and rocket fuel it will shoot it out of the sky with a
missle. Oh also, there could be sensitive shite that no one wants the
russians or north koreans to find.

I am really excited to watch it happen and am thinking about placing bets on whether it will work or not...My guess is no chance in hell.

Also, like most news orgs are saying, you know it is more a test for the MDA. Who, by the by, have one of the coolest seals...

Atlantis has landed so the shot will come tonight in the Pacific. I can hardly wait...

18 February 2008

Section 106 Fun

Tom King is known in the archaeology community as something of a Section 106 expert. He has written several books, teaches a bunch of classes and is very approachable about the subject. For you non-shovel bum's out there Section 106 is a "process to balance historic preservation concerns with the needs of Federal undertakings. It is designed to identify potential conflicts between the two and to help resolve such conflicts in the public interest," and it comes from the National Historic Preservation Act.

As you can imagine the actual regulations are very complicated and can be difficult to interpret, thus Tom King and his handy dandy books, classes, blogs, and message boards.

Recently he spoke at the Colorado Preservation Inc. Conference and I was there along with seemingly everyone else I know. I took notes and just found them today...

Section 106 --Just the high points
~wet enough?
~special place
~I feel shamed...
~Tom King made me cry...
~He really hates archaeologists

Also, I drew a map of the area i am working in for a former colleague (does anyone else feel silly saying that? I dont think i am professional enough to have colleagues...)

Hope everyone is having a great monday, you know I am...


17 February 2008

Strange Feelings

Not those strange feelings...I know what those mean.

You spend large chunks of your life with someone and then, a mere three years after you split it is like you dont even know them. You think, how were we even together? We are so different. Was there a time when we had everything in common, like we thought then?

It kinda feels disconcerting. Like, you were living with a stranger. I should say, the change wasnt a bad thing. It is not like, oh my god he turned out to be a serial killer...just more like...distance and a complete disconnect. I certainly think it is a good thing because everyone is who they are supposed to be now.

I guess it is hard to explain. This most likely doesnt makse sense which is why i try to avoid blogs about my life and feelings (a smart man once said that while it may seem like I am very open about feelings and personal stories I only share what i dont feel is personal...i didnt think that was true at first but then i realized he is totally right).

Anyway, it kinda makes me feel strange and maybe even a little sad. Like I just found out someone I know is dead.

Melodramatic? You betcha...but I am not doing it on purpose.

Things and Stuff

Here's a neat thing....

This is why Q makes me laugh. Stuff like this.

It is a long story so if you see me ask about it.


14 February 2008

And Now...The News

I am totally swamped with work but had to take a moment to quickly blog. I still am amazed that I am wasting my time, and yours, with this damn blog. Do you know it has been four years? That's enough time to graduate college. I have hardly done anything for four straight years.

Anyway, I have blogged on every Valentines Day and I figured that this year, despite my workload, should be no different.

So here's a merry v-day to you. I hope you have a good day despite all the stories about how you are a loser if you are alone. You know it's not true. As Corky would say, you're too smart for that.



12 February 2008


Delayed Flights....Hot Coffee....

Ouch my tounge.

Holy crap that is like a beatnick poem yes?

What is Dallas doing to me??!!


11 February 2008

Tasty International Buffet

Today I ate at the Tasty International Buffet. It wasnt really international. I mean, it was Chinese and Mexican...i guess that is international officially, however...I am not sure if it could be called Tasty.

The buffet was in a bar that was shaped like a boat.
I wish I had a photo but I dont.

09 February 2008

Over and Over and Over...

Yet another trip to Texas without a visit to a Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees game. Seriously, this has got to stop.

Perhaps I will see something interesting and can post it...cross your fingers everyone.
Folks, i need a name. Not a name for a baby (thank god) or a dog (sadness). I cant tell you what it is but I need it.

I need it to be neat and catchy and fun and clever.

If you can come up with a name I will give you a shiny new quarter, and by new a i mean whatever freakin quarter comes out of my pocket.

Get to it!


05 February 2008

Here We Go A-Caucusing....Colorado Caucus Update

5:40pm For tonight I have stocked up on batteries and notepads and pencils. Oh, i can hardly wait...

6:45pm Holy crap it is cold and traffic is bad...

There is no place to park, a good sign i suppose.

7:04pm There are thousands of people...

but for my precinct there are only 24

Sitting here I am sad i dont have some shwag to display

7:06pm "Where are the caucus rules...?" Is it bad that once they were found we skimmed over them? Nah, I am sure it is fine

7:10pm Straw Poll Time

4 Clinton
1 Undecided
21 Obama
....wait, those number dont add up to 24? "Hey kids, you cant raise your hands."

7:20pm Second Straw Pole

4 Clinton
19 Obama

Of the four clinton voters, 1 is an elderly woman and three are middle aged women.

7:21pm All is quiet at the caucus..."Does anyone want to speak on behalf of Clinton or Obama?"

...chirp chirp

Honestly, if we arent going to talk about anything what the hell is the point of having a caucus? Couldnt we just do this by ourselves in a booth?

7:25pm Trying to match votes to signatures...While this is happening, I am going to thumb through the World Literature textbook here...

7:30pm Time for the Presidential Preference Poll...or wait...based on the numbers we are determining delegates...um...what?

Okay, final vote is the same as the straw which means, of the 5 delegates allotted to the precinct, there is

1 for Clinton
4 for Obama


7:37pm Um, I just signed up for the precinct committee...but i dont think i meant to do that

7:40pm Checking the math...good christ what is wrong with these people.

7:45pm I get to be an alternate delegate for the County Assembly on March 8th. I hope someone gets sick!!

7:50pm Resolution Time: 14 Resolutions that the Arapahoe Democrats wanted us to vote on. I assume these are issues they feel are important and want to talk about on a larger scale. These resolutions pissed me off and I will be talking to someone about it...

1. Some crazy Iraq language that not only had us pulling out troops but giving money to the Iraqi people...Nay

2. Better language about not supporting the war...Yay

3. Israeli/Pakistan 2 country solution...Yay

4. Universal Health Care and then some random supporting of a bill that I am not familiar with...Abstain

5. Let's be nice to people...Yay

6. Is the environment important...Yay

7. Lets label genetically modified food...Yay

8. Lets give money to farmers who crops were harmed by genetically modified organisms...What? Is this an issue? Abstain

9. No torture...Yay

10. Lets impeach VP Cheney...Oh my god you morons?! Do you like being a joke? Do you want to be taken seriously?? Nay

11. Fair and transparent elections. Oh also, paper ballots only...Abstain

12. Public financing of elections. Oh also instant run off elections. Why do you do that? Why do you put two things together. I like one but not the other...why you bastards!...Abstain

13. What?...Abstain

14. Do we like Dems?...We sure do...Yay

I was really bothered by several of these. One, what's the point? Do we want to be able to say, these are issues we Dems in Arapahoe think are important? Because if that is the case why are they so fucking stupid and insulting. Two, are you dumb? Why are you combining issues that arent related? Public financing of elections and instant runnoffs? You douches...

8:10pm Lets all meet for beers on the 14th!!

8:12pm Lets all get the hell out of here

All in all it was an interesting experience. I was bummed that there wasnt more discussion but it was a good time. I mean, you cant beat a ton of people going out in the snow to cast a vote for someone they hope will be running the country. A couple more shots at the bottom.

Also, CO went to Obama. Yay indeed!


04 February 2008

The Thing For the Who and the Whatever...

Tomorrow is caucus day here in Colorado. I am kind of sad that we dont just go and vote but not having caucused before I am looking forward to it. Some longtime readers (pretty much just two of you) may remember a running diary blog i did about voting way back in November of 2006. I had a good time even thought it wasnt a great blog. Anyway, i am going to do that again this year during the caucus for two reasons; one, i am addicted to sharing my boring life with you 6 people and two, I am hoping it will be interesting....and if it isnt I will just make shit up.

Lookie Here...

sweet eh?

Alright, time to get to work....

Happy Monday to you all..


01 February 2008

Is There an Instant Message Slang For I Just Nearly Shit My Pants Laughing and Spit Water on My Machine?

Cuz i just did...

I got this instant message while working on some building descriptions...

Munpe Q: There is a guy in this meeting with a rubics cube. Does he even know what his penis is used for?

Oh my Q...