25 February 2008

Ralph Nader is the Genital Herpes of Elections

This morning while driving into work I realized how much Ralph Nader and herpes simplex virus type 2 have in common...

* They are both non-life threatening
* They are both irritating
* They are both unattractive
* There is no known cure for either
* They can both appear without warning and
* An outbreak of both last longer then you care to think about...

Seriously Ralph, you're not a spoiler in 2008...the only dissent this year lies in the Republican party and you will not offer hope to Reps who dont like McCain. Also, of all the years to come into an election and muck about with the Dems, this may be the lamest of all. Liberals will rally around Obama or Clinton after the DNC in August. If you think you will find a group of progressives that will throw their vote your way, you're crazy...worst of all you know it but still dont care.

Honestly, you are just kind of a sad old man.

Nader: "A Jeffersonian revolution is needed in this country."
Bird: "Agreed, but you also need a 'Jefferson' to lead it and you my friend, you are no Jefferson."

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