17 February 2008

Strange Feelings

Not those strange feelings...I know what those mean.

You spend large chunks of your life with someone and then, a mere three years after you split it is like you dont even know them. You think, how were we even together? We are so different. Was there a time when we had everything in common, like we thought then?

It kinda feels disconcerting. Like, you were living with a stranger. I should say, the change wasnt a bad thing. It is not like, oh my god he turned out to be a serial killer...just more like...distance and a complete disconnect. I certainly think it is a good thing because everyone is who they are supposed to be now.

I guess it is hard to explain. This most likely doesnt makse sense which is why i try to avoid blogs about my life and feelings (a smart man once said that while it may seem like I am very open about feelings and personal stories I only share what i dont feel is personal...i didnt think that was true at first but then i realized he is totally right).

Anyway, it kinda makes me feel strange and maybe even a little sad. Like I just found out someone I know is dead.

Melodramatic? You betcha...but I am not doing it on purpose.

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