18 February 2008

Section 106 Fun

Tom King is known in the archaeology community as something of a Section 106 expert. He has written several books, teaches a bunch of classes and is very approachable about the subject. For you non-shovel bum's out there Section 106 is a "process to balance historic preservation concerns with the needs of Federal undertakings. It is designed to identify potential conflicts between the two and to help resolve such conflicts in the public interest," and it comes from the National Historic Preservation Act.

As you can imagine the actual regulations are very complicated and can be difficult to interpret, thus Tom King and his handy dandy books, classes, blogs, and message boards.

Recently he spoke at the Colorado Preservation Inc. Conference and I was there along with seemingly everyone else I know. I took notes and just found them today...

Section 106 --Just the high points
~wet enough?
~special place
~I feel shamed...
~Tom King made me cry...
~He really hates archaeologists

Also, I drew a map of the area i am working in for a former colleague (does anyone else feel silly saying that? I dont think i am professional enough to have colleagues...)

Hope everyone is having a great monday, you know I am...



Anonymous said...

Those pretty much match my notes, with one addition:

"Tom King could be considered the Andy Rooney of historic preservation"

Bird said...

Anon, that is so spot on. Funny shite

Anonymous said...

Your map of Texas looks vaguely naughty.