31 January 2006

I'm A Functioning Head Have-er

I can function with a head...unlike some of you who shall remain nameless.

Another thing I enjoy:

Ambidextrous bed sleeping time. But really, who doesnt?

26 January 2006

Rainbow Rage

Just like that, the rage returns...

Two Minutes Hate
I read this article about a simple phrase that could be added to the Colorado State Constitution in our November 06 elections. The phrase "only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as marriage in this state" would ban gay marriages in colorado.

According to the NBC 9news article, "A purpose statement that makes a case for the amendment says marriage between one man and one woman is rooted in centuries of tradition, is best for children, and protects Coloradans from 'activist judges.'"

Women not being allowed to own land or vote or hell-even wear pants- was rooted in "centuries of tradition." I learned something while working at the historical society...just because it is old doesnt mean it is important. As a country we have dropped all kinds of arcane and insulting practices that were rooted in tradition-slavery being an obvious one. Tell me again how that is a bad thing?

Another thing that really gets me is this idea that a same sex couple having a child is unsafe for our children. In a quicky search on CNN.com i found, just today, the following stories:

*Mother passes out while drunk, leaves 6month old child in playpen. Father returns home to see that baby is choking on formula being fed to him by a feeding tube.

*A video captured by the dashboard camera of a police car on June 4 showed Lucas opening her car trunk after being stopped by police. Three children -- two of hers and one friend -- crawled out and got into the back seat of her car.

*A 18-month-old child was hospitalized Tuesday after he overdosed on cocaine.

Yesterday I read a story about a married couple who put their children in the bathroom, turned on the hot water for a bath and fell into a drug induced stupor. Their two children died of burns and overheating.

Oh yes...the children right now are safe. Everyone says that a same sex couple isnt right for children but do they have anything to back up their claims? Statistics of children being abused, growing up into social rejects, anything that shows they are being harmed?

I would listen to anyone who has a non-bible based reason against gay marriage. Come on...lay it on me. If you can give me a valid reason and not some wishy washy "it is bad for society and the children..." load of crap then I will really try and understand why it is such a bad thing for two people who love each other to commit themselves. Just one good reason...

24 January 2006

What's the Deal With Bird

Looking over my last couple months of posts I realize...where has all the hate gone? It pops up every once and a while but for the most part I havent been filled with rage like before. Why is that.

I have a couple of theories. Nothing I plan on sharing though...but let me say that, while it may be bad for my blogging, the lack of hate is good for my head and heart. While I still have my good days and bad ones, I am happy and that is a good thing.

There are plenty of things that make me angry though. Never fear. And thus...a list!

Things That Piss Bird Off Even Though She Is Very Happy

~ The Stupid Mini-Van Lady who was riding my ass this morning
~ Being smart and funny and making crap pay while driving to boulder each morning
~ My Xcel bill...$110 last month. Holy fuck, my apartment is less than 450 sq ft!
~ The lack of donations to "Kathryns-trip-to-Germany-to-see-her-pal-get-married" fund
~ My neighbor who never shovels the snow and waits for me to do it
~ Dang Broncos
~ Dumb IT guy who still flubs my name and yet once threatened me
~ SOQ's
~ Not getting any hand written letters
~ Laundry
~ My hair (today at least)
~ Bank of America for twice last night booting me while trying to talk to someone

See, I still hate things.

In fact, if it will make you happy, I hate you!


18 January 2006

Chinook Rage

I am excited about football. Not just because the broncos are hosting the AFC title game, i just get happy during the playoffs. Sklimps is going to the game...so is K (you big jerk) but i am going to cozy up to a nice warm television. Order some pizza, have a beer (or perhaps a caffeine free soda---solidarity and all) and enjoy the game and-most importantly-the replays. For a brief moment at the Toronto game last night I panicked and thought i had scheduled PC work on the superbowl. Luckily, i am not that stupid.

Two Minutes Hate
What is the deal with all this wind? It is out of control. I dont remember a winter where it was so dry and windy. My hair (which I am sure you all know i take great pride in...snicker snicker) is all kinds of messed up. If I was wearing a skirt it would constantly be blowing up and over my head. Every drive into Boulder for work is fraught with peril.

As windy as it is now...it is nothing compared to the windstorm of 1967. According to my favorite weatherman Mike Nelson, the "...major windstorm hit the area with gusts up to 84 m.p.h. downtown and 125 m.p.h. at NCAR in Boulder. It was described as the worst single windstorm in Boulder's history in terms of damage, which topped a half million dollars." I suppose that would be worse then my hair getting mussed.

I do believe that these winds would qualify as Chinook winds, " a warm dry wind that descends the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains."

Other interesting wind names from around the world:

* The Mistral in France – a cold, north-westerly wind that blows down the Rhone valley.

* The Harmattan in West Africa, which blows south from the Sahara and brings dust storms and very dry air.

* The Levante wind in the Mediterranean – an easterly wind bringing mild, moist air to Gibraltar and the mainland of Spain and Africa.

* The Pampero in Argentina – a very cold south westerly wind formed, like many cold winds, in the middle of a continent - in this case South America. It blows across the Pampas grasslands in Argentina.

Learning is Fun but this wind has got to stop. Where is my snow man?

17 January 2006

You Know Who You Are

Hey there...

It is good to hear from you. What is that? Oh, yes I am having a hard time of it all. Isnt that the way. You could tell from my voice? Really, hmm...well, that is very nice of you to call and check up on me. Really, it means a lot. You are? Haha....wow that is good news. I look forward to seeing you tonight then. I know, since 1997...it should be very good indeed. I like them too. If i was going to buy a new one, to go with my Ramage and Dingman one, I would buy theirs. It is very neato. Yes, almost retro without having changed in so so long. Hmm? 350 I think.

Really...you do? Well, I feel the same way. It means a lot that you called to share it though. Thanks.

No no...you are the best.

See you later....



Isnt it amazing that after a phone call I can feel like things arent spiralling out of control? Like I am cared for and loved and going to be okay? The power of kind words.

13 January 2006


It isnt spring? Are you sure? Lemme check?

Umm...i think it is. That spring feeling is in the air. I am flirting with strangers and just had an ice cream cone. Soft serve baby!

I really just wanted to post something about the magical power of an ice cream cone. Honestly, it makes you feel like a kid. Driving around this afternoon with the windows down and spring-y music in my car was just wonderful. I had just gotten the car washed and was feeling great. I saw a man in the car next to me eating a cone and thought, well goddamn if that isnt a brilliant idea.


I suggest that tomorrow, all you blog readers go and get a cone...sit in the sun and feel the spring time breeze on your face. Unless you live in the Northwest, in which case you should hunker down with some soup.

Tweet tweet went the bird...

12 January 2006


My head my head!!

10 January 2006

Blogging with Tongs

10 Things I Did With My Big Ol' Tongs

1. Grabbed the cat's ass
2. Took off my hat
3. Put my hat back on...mostly
4. typed this...solid
5. Spread my cheeks really wide
6. Spread my cheeks really wide
7. Sorted my mail
8. Removed gum from pesky wrapper
9. Pulled someone's hair...twice
10. Washed them

04 January 2006

Roll ID

Every time we start a new roll of film at work we have to take an initial roll id photo where we fill out the project, the date, the camera type etc. I do believe my boss was in the field on this date (the rest of us were in Nevada) and took this photo.

We usually take a photo while the clipboard is on the ground, or the hood of the truck but this one is much much better and I, for one, plan to take every roll id photo this way.

03 January 2006

Voting Rage

So, happy new year to all you readers out there. I know that since my last post you have all been on the edge of your seats waiting for more news about my favorite hockey player. Sadly, the hockey gods did not hear my call and Chris Dingman was indeed sent down to the AHL Springfield Falcons. Oh, good luck to you Dingman! I shall wear your jersey with pride!

Two Minutes Hate

Munpe Q and I were sitting around talking when we stumbled upon the topic of voting rights and felons.

I, myself, think it is the most ridiculous idea in the world to politically silence people based on their past mistakes. Can someone give me a clear headed reason for this?

I am lazy blogger today so just some links with more information and a request for someone to give me an idea of why this is a good idea.

More Info:
The Sentencing Project


Washington Post

The National Constitution Center