26 January 2006

Rainbow Rage

Just like that, the rage returns...

Two Minutes Hate
I read this article about a simple phrase that could be added to the Colorado State Constitution in our November 06 elections. The phrase "only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as marriage in this state" would ban gay marriages in colorado.

According to the NBC 9news article, "A purpose statement that makes a case for the amendment says marriage between one man and one woman is rooted in centuries of tradition, is best for children, and protects Coloradans from 'activist judges.'"

Women not being allowed to own land or vote or hell-even wear pants- was rooted in "centuries of tradition." I learned something while working at the historical society...just because it is old doesnt mean it is important. As a country we have dropped all kinds of arcane and insulting practices that were rooted in tradition-slavery being an obvious one. Tell me again how that is a bad thing?

Another thing that really gets me is this idea that a same sex couple having a child is unsafe for our children. In a quicky search on CNN.com i found, just today, the following stories:

*Mother passes out while drunk, leaves 6month old child in playpen. Father returns home to see that baby is choking on formula being fed to him by a feeding tube.

*A video captured by the dashboard camera of a police car on June 4 showed Lucas opening her car trunk after being stopped by police. Three children -- two of hers and one friend -- crawled out and got into the back seat of her car.

*A 18-month-old child was hospitalized Tuesday after he overdosed on cocaine.

Yesterday I read a story about a married couple who put their children in the bathroom, turned on the hot water for a bath and fell into a drug induced stupor. Their two children died of burns and overheating.

Oh yes...the children right now are safe. Everyone says that a same sex couple isnt right for children but do they have anything to back up their claims? Statistics of children being abused, growing up into social rejects, anything that shows they are being harmed?

I would listen to anyone who has a non-bible based reason against gay marriage. Come on...lay it on me. If you can give me a valid reason and not some wishy washy "it is bad for society and the children..." load of crap then I will really try and understand why it is such a bad thing for two people who love each other to commit themselves. Just one good reason...

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