17 January 2006

You Know Who You Are

Hey there...

It is good to hear from you. What is that? Oh, yes I am having a hard time of it all. Isnt that the way. You could tell from my voice? Really, hmm...well, that is very nice of you to call and check up on me. Really, it means a lot. You are? Haha....wow that is good news. I look forward to seeing you tonight then. I know, since 1997...it should be very good indeed. I like them too. If i was going to buy a new one, to go with my Ramage and Dingman one, I would buy theirs. It is very neato. Yes, almost retro without having changed in so so long. Hmm? 350 I think.

Really...you do? Well, I feel the same way. It means a lot that you called to share it though. Thanks.

No no...you are the best.

See you later....



Isnt it amazing that after a phone call I can feel like things arent spiralling out of control? Like I am cared for and loved and going to be okay? The power of kind words.

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