03 January 2006

Voting Rage

So, happy new year to all you readers out there. I know that since my last post you have all been on the edge of your seats waiting for more news about my favorite hockey player. Sadly, the hockey gods did not hear my call and Chris Dingman was indeed sent down to the AHL Springfield Falcons. Oh, good luck to you Dingman! I shall wear your jersey with pride!

Two Minutes Hate

Munpe Q and I were sitting around talking when we stumbled upon the topic of voting rights and felons.

I, myself, think it is the most ridiculous idea in the world to politically silence people based on their past mistakes. Can someone give me a clear headed reason for this?

I am lazy blogger today so just some links with more information and a request for someone to give me an idea of why this is a good idea.

More Info:
The Sentencing Project


Washington Post

The National Constitution Center


Jackie said...


They must be retarded in Florida....oh, wait. Hahaha

Clayton said...

Damn strait (on the voting rights for felons)!

Don't we want felons to be participating members of society? How excluding them from participating in Democracy helps with that is beyond me.