29 December 2005

Sleepy Time

Sadness...two days in a row.

Oh CHRIS DINGMAN!!! How i love thee.

My favorite player is on waivers!! Oh please hockey gods dont let him be sent to the minors.

If there are any hockey gm's reading this...i am tellin ya. This guy is a scrapper and he plays hard everynight even if he cant skate that well and doesnt really score goals. He loves the game and is a super great guy. Please someone pick him up! For god sakes he has TWO Stanley Cup Rings. If only for good luck just snatch him up!


Wednesday at 3:45am i woke up laughing. Laughing and laughing. The kind of laugh that you usually get in a church service or at a wedding. The kind you cant muffle or stop and it just gets funnier and funnier.

I was laughing at a dream that I had. At the time I thought it was brilliant. Really just so amazing that I wanted to write it down to share. And so, now the time has come to tell you what i wrote. First just read then I can explain...

"Whisper your dreams to me-& float them down" When I have the H20 bottle used to spray my ears when I am angry-I keep it in a drawer in the bathroom. If i was asked to spray down on angry world leaders (i was thinking Arab) ears during a heated exchange-oh-I dont have it...

Okay....so i sound like a crazy person huh? But really, most of the dream stems from a conversation i had with Munpe Q about how his ears get hot when he is angry. I guess I thought it would be funny if during some kind of heated meeting between world leaders i had to spray their ears with a water bottle to cool them down. (The US and some Middle Eastern Country seems like they hate each other the most what with Iran just banning all western music...which is why i thought Arab)
As for the, "Whisper your dreams to me and float them down" I remember thinking...in a boat. I will float them down in a boat.

god only knows where this came from...

So...screw that whole idea that you come up with your best ideas in the middle of the night eh?

Sweet dreams


Munpe Q said...

Wow, just calling me out like that...geez...

Bird said...

Did I say it was a bad dream Munpe? If anything, I owe you for a good laugh.