28 December 2005

Office Depot Rage

I hope all of you xmas celebraters had a wonderful xmas. I hope all of you Hanukkah celebraters are enjoying the Festival of Lights. Did you xmas-ers know that Hanukkah means dedication in Hebrew? See, who says you cant learn something at a bar?!!

It is with a sad sad heart that I must report the passing of the "Time To Make the Doughnuts" actor, Michael Vale. I love this guy...he was a sleepy head just like me. I must have known somehow, that his time was coming, because i have been talking about this guy for a couple of weeks now. So sad...eat a doughnut in remembrance.

Two Minutes Hate
Thunderpussy and I went to the Office Depot yesterday to purchase office supplies with the corporate OD credit card. TP needed some binders so after encountering possibly the highest employee to patron ratio i have ever seen (We saw 10 between the door and the aisle) we perused the selection of binders. Oh, so many options! Sizes and colors! I love binders because it reminds me of being in school. I loved being in school. My nostalgia left quickly when i spied the prices. A 1" binder with a front clear pocket for a report page was running for 7.39. SEVEN DOLLARS AND THIRTY NINE CENTS. HOLY FUCK IS RIGHT! As Thunderpussy and I looked around we noticed all the prices ranged between $6-7.50. God forbid you need a 3-4 inch binder, those would run about 15 bucks.

I remember last year heading to the Depot or the Max to buy a planner for the coming year. I have to have a planner. Oh, stop with the "who's so fancy" talk. I just work two jobs and try to have a social life. As Bone and i were shopping i came upon the planner i wanted. Simple, clear, small, plain.....35 dollars. "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??!!" Bone had to make me leave the store.

I understand that these large office supply stores cater to businesses like the one I work for. We have a coporate account. We dont care if the binders are 2 or 10 bucks. We pass that cost along to the agency. These office supply stores can charge as much or as little as they would like. Never has my boss said, "Find the cheapest price." He just wants the stuff purchased...doesnt care how much it cost or where we bought it. Still, it just seems wrong to charge so much for a piece of plastic that was made in china by some child and cost all of 15 cents. And even at $7.39 you know that the little fucking rings will get all wanky and not close and end up ripping your papers and then you have to go searching for those stupid round hole repair things. Fucking Office Depot....

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