05 December 2005

6 Ways to Kill a Bird

My pal Large Marge brought me in a pie today.  Cherry, my favorite!  Yum...it was most delicious.  I enjoyed a piece with a nice cup of coffee and a computer filled with crappy word docs.  It took the edge off of what was an anger filled monday morning. But really, would it be a monday morning if i didnt stroke my little ball of hate?  I think not...
Two Minutes Hate
The wind up here in Boulder is blowin like a mother with gusts up to 90mph. Goddamn if i didnt almost die 6 times.  What, you think I am exaggerating? 
1. Vision obscured because tumbleweeds covered windshield
2. Trashcan blew into on coming traffic
3. Vision obscured by blowing dirt/snow, asshats in front of me slam on breaks
4. Swinging traffic light fell near my car
5. Wind gusts made high profile truck in the next lane swerve into mine
6. Wind almost picked up my car and flipped me over
Okay, maybe the 6th was a bit of an exaggeration but still, 5 near-deaths before coffee...wouldnt you be angry too?
eyes on the road--hands at 10 and 2 people!

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Gary Freedman said...

Do birds face discrimination at Starbucks?