31 August 2006

Aren't You Disgusted With the Youth of America?

Today, a new shelver at the library pointed out a copy of DNAngel.  What book is that?  Why, one of those Manga books of course.  You know...the ones where the cartoon girls take off their clothes to go bathe and then get in some kind of epic good vs evil battle.  The shelver had pointed out that many of the pages were cut out...so now I know that one of our customers is some perverted little anime jerk-offer who is too cheap to buy his own soft soft soft core smut.
Pass the hand sanitizer please...

29 August 2006


I love it when things that seem really hard end up being a little walk in the park.

Oh...more good news. I have a nifty little call sign from the FCC. It isnt as neat as I was hoping (in fact it can be made into a nasty little phrase that suggests I am stinky, as Q- my brother in HAM- has pointed out) but I love it none the less.

Seriously, these are the days that are so good that you know something is going to just come along and rock ya...(yes yes, like a hurricane--how apropos)

"Happy days to you and yours"
---tweeted the Bird

18 August 2006

HAM it up

What is that? No, this isnt a blog about the wonderful magical animal called pig...this is a blog about my recent geekiness.

HAM radio!

See...since my job requires me to think less then i would like I thought it would be nice to strain my brain. "Hmm..." I thought to myself, "What kind of hobby requires studying and testing?" HAM radio of course!

So, i borrowed a book and set out to get a license. It really isnt that hard; all you need are a couple brain cells and 14 bucks. The test itself wasnt very difficult. The hardest part is waiting for my assigned call sign from the FCC.

My dream is to one day kick someone's ass and as I finish tell them, "That was licensed by the FCC." Does it seem like a bit too much to go through just for that? Perhaps...but like i said...my brain is dying here!

09 August 2006

Step One

Breathe In.....

and out.

Breathe in.....

and out.

Now go to sleep.

04 August 2006

Gato Update

So, my little meow always comes home. Once she was out for days...during a rainstorm, and she came home.

I dont think she is going to be coming back this time. I have checked all the animal shelters in the area; nothing. I have looked all around, nothing. She would never stay out this long...through all the rain and heat.

The gatito was the best. Did you know that she could sit and also lay down? Yes, that is right. She came to a whistle and had learned to wait until the sun came up before scratching on the window to let me know she wanted in.

She was alsmot ten years old and I will miss her.

02 August 2006

My Gato

It has been 3.5 days since i last saw my little gatito.
Poor gatito why did you run away?
I hope someone picked you up, ignored your id tube and is petting you right now.