18 August 2006

HAM it up

What is that? No, this isnt a blog about the wonderful magical animal called pig...this is a blog about my recent geekiness.

HAM radio!

See...since my job requires me to think less then i would like I thought it would be nice to strain my brain. "Hmm..." I thought to myself, "What kind of hobby requires studying and testing?" HAM radio of course!

So, i borrowed a book and set out to get a license. It really isnt that hard; all you need are a couple brain cells and 14 bucks. The test itself wasnt very difficult. The hardest part is waiting for my assigned call sign from the FCC.

My dream is to one day kick someone's ass and as I finish tell them, "That was licensed by the FCC." Does it seem like a bit too much to go through just for that? Perhaps...but like i said...my brain is dying here!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

nothing is too much to go through if you can end with a witty one liner like that.