30 April 2009

Second Round Baby!

I have to say, the NHL second round match ups are pretty spectacular.

Redwings vs Ducks
Not only have the Ducks knocked off the Wings before, they just booted the President's Trophy Winning Sharks. Detroit has been so good this season that I cant see the Ducks getting past them. As sad as it is to say, I think Detroit is going to the finals. I hope the Ducks at least push them to a game seven...but the brain says Redwings in five.

Canucks vs Blackhawks
This is the one match up I dont have a stake in one way or the other. I would hate to see Coach Q succeed since i think he's a bit heavy handed. However, the Blackhawks have been so sad for so long that I really like the idea of them moving to the next round. If the Avs were any better, i would have to root against the Canucks since they have been are our division rivals (say what you will, the Northwest is the toughest division). But, since the Avs are a hot mess, i wouldnt mind seeing Vancouver advance. Like i said, its a moot point since i think Detroit is your western conference champ.

Bruins vs Hurricanes
I am still in awe of the Canes win over the Devils. Talk about letting your guard down Brodeur. The face of the Devils when the final buzzer sounded was...complete shock. That being said, I am rooting for the Bruins here. I have much love for the oft forgotten Boston team. They look good this year and are well rested after ousting the Habs in just four games. During the regular season they won all four meetings with Carolina. I do think that the Playoff Canes will surprise them however. I see this going to at least game six.

Capitals vs Penguins
This is the most exciting match up of the second round and possibly the playoffs. Everyone is talking about it. Finally a series pitting Crosby and Ovechkin. They drafted #1 and #2. They battled for the Calder, they battle for the Art Ross, they battle for MVP. The Penguins have Malkin but the Caps have Semin, a guy who-like Malkin-has been able to step up his game in the shadow of a superstar. Sadly, Semin is no Malkin. The supporting cast for both teams is pretty respectable. The Penguins have a better keeper in Fleury...Varlamov has no idea what he is in for and that could be the deciding factor. I like Ovechkin's style of play better...though both teams can be pretty gritty. This will be a tough battle but, as they say, dance with the one that brung ya. Caps in seven.

So there you go Hockey Fans. The breakdown from a bird that is totally unqualified to be breaking down anything.

Enjoy the second round starting tonight with the Canucks and Blackhawks.

~It puts the lotion in the basket!~

28 April 2009


Bea Arthur died on Saturday. Sadness. Bea was awesome. Super tough, didnt take shit from anyone, funny as hell...what more could you ask for?

Check out this link...or Bea Arthur will kick your ass from the grave.

24 April 2009


All kinds of things are hurting and aching today.

I dont feel like I have anything to say but I thought i needed to make contact.




20 April 2009

This chicago-calgary game is scrappy...

19 April 2009

Little Birdy

There is a birds nest on top of the porch support post. There must be babies because every once and a while I see the mom/dad fly back and little mouths pop up to get some grub.


I wonder what the baby birds do all day? When they dont eat are they sleeping? Why is it so hard for me to imagine birds sleeping?

I tell you what, this bird is very sleepy.


17 April 2009

Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero?

I think we use the word hero too often. Getting captured by pirates and having US Navy Seals come save you doesnt make you a hero, it makes you a victim.

Dont get me wrong, i am super glad he is okay too but lets give credit where credit is due. The Seals are the heroes in this story.

16 April 2009


I cant tell you how happy I am to see John Madden retire.

I mean, besides having horrible taste in Mexican food, he is going increasingly insane before our eyes. In the middle of important plays he is discussing cobbler his wife made. The guy's a mush-mouthed loon.

Plus anything that reduces the amount of face time for this guy, is okay with me.


15 April 2009


Here's something I read that I enjoyed...

"It's not just that the overwhelming majority of scientists are now convinced that evolution is inscribed in the fossil record and in the lineaments of molecular biology. It is more that evolutionists will say in advance which evidence, if found, would refute them and force them to reconsider. ("Rabbit fossils in the pre-Cambrian layer" was, I seem to remember, the response of Prof. J.B.S. Haldane.) Try asking an "intelligent design" advocate to stipulate upfront what would constitute refutation of his world view and you will easily see the difference between the scientific method and the pseudoscientific one."

From---The Texas-Size Debate Over Teaching Evolution by Christopher Hitchens. Linked from NCAC

14 April 2009

Holy Ghost Batman!

Here are some shots from Easter Mass at Holy Ghost Church:

I know, its like a bad batman episode...you keep expecting the penguin to pop out near the organ but they are tilty because i was taking the shots surreptitiously.

The church is really very beautiful...photos really dont do it justice. If you are a local or in town visiting you should really make an effort to stop in.

I can report that there was no touching of the soul or burning of the flesh...which i think is a good thing all around.


12 April 2009

Fuzzy Snoochie Sadness

As i was googling "dog in space" to find out the correct name of the first dog in space, I found this sad story about how she died soon after reaching orbit.

You may say to yourself "How now brown cow?" No, you wont say that because that doesnt make any fucking sense in this context. (happy easter by the way)

In reality you may say, "This article was written in 2002, why are you so late to the party Bird?" And then I would say, "Because I couldnt find anything to wear..."

Then you would look at me funny and punch me right in the mouth.

It's Laika by the way. And you're welcome.

10 April 2009

Want ***UPDATE***

...on t-shirts and stickers....

Must have...

For those not in the know...that's Darwin you damn fools!


Tomorrow I think I am going to get up early and go to morning prayer.


Steve McQueen jokes that I will burst into flames the moment I step inside but I think the reports of my blasphemy are greatly exaggerated.

Well, maybe not. But I would like to think that god would want to encourage me to attend morning prayer rather than be such a baby that he would smite me for telling a couple jesus jokes.

Also, i am not going for the prayer as much as I am going to check out the inside for my paper. Certainly, if god did exist, he would understand deadlines and whatnot. He did have that whole 7-days thing weighing him down.

If I feel the slightest tingle of anything (be it god or a burning sensation in my brain [how do I know the difference??]) I will let you know immediately.

~rosaries and eucharists~


07 April 2009


I suck...why am i doing this? Who the fuck knows, but I have.

Bird's Twitter Page

I suppose this makes up for the fact that i dont have a facebook or myspace page...

"Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know."


06 April 2009

Thats is Insanity

holy crap he's fun to watch...

04 April 2009

They Say It's Your Birthday...

....da na na na nah nah...

It's Sklimps birthday too yeah...

03 April 2009

Springtime Music


Listen to this before the snow flies all you denverites.

And if you are somewhere spring-like, please enjoy!

As always, it is better with headphones...


02 April 2009

All Sports All The Time...

I know other people are pretty excited about Kyle Orton but...i guess I am just not sold. Cutler is certainly a better player, there is a reason Chicago gave Orton up. It is a whole new system with McDaniels so who knows how it will all shake out. I just feel that since it isnt an improvement over Cut why didnt we try and address some of our other issues, like our atrocious defense?

Time will tell but right now this bird is a little disappointed.

To add insult to injury, the Avs, already eliminated from the playoffs, lost their best player to a fractured hand last night. A game Steve McQueen and I had the luxury of watching. I know, who gives a shit, but still. It just makes the last five games really really horrible.


sad sports day.

~pigskin and twine~


01 April 2009


When I was a kid i searched high and low for the "little cinnamon gum" that didnt freshen breath as long as big red. Goddamn how i wanted to find it...

...i still do in fact. But at least now I know it doesnt exist. Makes the longing a little more bearable.

Also, who wouldnt want to make out with a teenaged-tuba playing Ralphie?