12 April 2009

Fuzzy Snoochie Sadness

As i was googling "dog in space" to find out the correct name of the first dog in space, I found this sad story about how she died soon after reaching orbit.

You may say to yourself "How now brown cow?" No, you wont say that because that doesnt make any fucking sense in this context. (happy easter by the way)

In reality you may say, "This article was written in 2002, why are you so late to the party Bird?" And then I would say, "Because I couldnt find anything to wear..."

Then you would look at me funny and punch me right in the mouth.

It's Laika by the way. And you're welcome.


The Happy Cynic said...

WHAT?! We sent a dog into space? Holy fuck, how did I miss THAT?

Bird said...

Not us HC....Russia. On the Sputnik 2. We sent chimps.

The Happy Cynic said...

We=foolish humans of this planet.

I knew about the chimps, but somehow missed the dog entirely. Perhaps I blocked it out.

Monkeys/apes/chimps freak me out a little. I'm not so traumatized by the thought of them flying/dying in space.