10 April 2009


Tomorrow I think I am going to get up early and go to morning prayer.


Steve McQueen jokes that I will burst into flames the moment I step inside but I think the reports of my blasphemy are greatly exaggerated.

Well, maybe not. But I would like to think that god would want to encourage me to attend morning prayer rather than be such a baby that he would smite me for telling a couple jesus jokes.

Also, i am not going for the prayer as much as I am going to check out the inside for my paper. Certainly, if god did exist, he would understand deadlines and whatnot. He did have that whole 7-days thing weighing him down.

If I feel the slightest tingle of anything (be it god or a burning sensation in my brain [how do I know the difference??]) I will let you know immediately.

~rosaries and eucharists~



The Happy Cynic said...

Your best post ever. I mean, really, how often do you see the word "smite" in a blog post?

Please take pictures inside the church during Easter Service so we can all see how cool it is.

Don't forget to get a picture of the priest leaning over the pew and whispering, "Put that damn camera away!"


The Happy Cynic said...

Well, how was church? Obviously you didn't burst into flames, as I see you have a new post. :)

What was it like? I think we need a post update ...