02 April 2009

All Sports All The Time...

I know other people are pretty excited about Kyle Orton but...i guess I am just not sold. Cutler is certainly a better player, there is a reason Chicago gave Orton up. It is a whole new system with McDaniels so who knows how it will all shake out. I just feel that since it isnt an improvement over Cut why didnt we try and address some of our other issues, like our atrocious defense?

Time will tell but right now this bird is a little disappointed.

To add insult to injury, the Avs, already eliminated from the playoffs, lost their best player to a fractured hand last night. A game Steve McQueen and I had the luxury of watching. I know, who gives a shit, but still. It just makes the last five games really really horrible.


sad sports day.

~pigskin and twine~


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