27 April 2006

How are you feeling?

More then that though, i dont want to sound flippant.

While i feel horrible in my head and in my gut, i also feel like things can change.

Things = Bird

Happy Thursday to you

23 April 2006

That Special Time of Year


God I love hockey playoffs. There is nothing quite like it.

Even if you arent the least bit interested in sports or hockey specifically you should check out a couple playoff games. You hardly ever get a boring game, unlike the superbowl. I mean really, people plan big shindigs for the game and they get a contest like we had this year. Snoozefest.

Hockey though, nothing is as exciting as hockey.

If you watch, cheer on the avs, even though they wont move past those pesky stars (check out this link that Mr. Ohio put together...i think it says it all). Also, cheer on the oil, the senators (even though stinky hasek is their keeper), and the sabers (you gotta love buffalo right?).

Happy watching...


19 April 2006

Dreaming These Dreams of You

First...a list of things I like about not working in Boulder, in Photo Form!!


Instead of looking at this for an hour each morning:

I get to ride the bus, take the car, or ride my bike the 20 something blocks to my new job.


While walking downtown for training I saw this:

A huge crane was moving this lightpost out of the ground. It was very neat and I stopped to watch.


I saw this sign on a light post as I was headed to my library:

I wanted to take it for found but thought, what if the guy finds jordan?


I saw this tucked under a bench by a homeless guy:

How strange.


This is the view from the staff lounge where i am doing some training:

Not too shabby.

All these things, all so different then driving my sorry ass up to Boulder. It makes me happy I took this new job, even if it does mean some weekends and some evenings at work.

A truck with topper pulled up to the gas station pumps. An older gentleman wearing a twisted, roughed up straw cowboy hat got out of the passenger side. Moving slowly like old cowboys do. He ambles to the back of the truck, opened the gate and let out a mess of dogs. Two by two they jumped out until there were nearly 15 butts being sniffed. The last dog out was as big as a cow...bigger even. He had a misshapen head, long black mane like a horse. This dog wasnt just big, he was long. Long long long! I sat there, staring at the animal, trying to figure out what looked familiar about it. "Oh, that's it," I thought, "he looks like a wiener dog." I spoke with the old cowboy, asked him what the animal was. "That's my dog, he is half wiener dog half horse." I ran up to the animal and asked him, "Does your back hurt?" He looked at me and rolled his dog/horse eyes, "Are you fucking serious?" He ran off to sniff butts and I paid for my gas and left.

17 April 2006


New job...new job new job. New job today.

What to wear...what to wear?

Hmm....new job....


Tweet tweet

13 April 2006


Well, here is a link to my new most favoritest thing in the world....EVER.

How Much Is Inside?

10 April 2006

You Luckies...

Insomnia and the curse of not sleeping in the bed I like the most has lead me to the blog. I promised some vacation photos and that is what you shall get.

Now...I have no digital camera (would love one however, and my birthday is coming up just so you know) so I have only uploaded phone photos for now. When my film photos arrive I shall scan and post them as well. For now, you shall have to make do.

First off...

My Feet!! How great are my feet eh? I love them the best. I painted them orange just for the trip.

Okay, Q and I spent some time in Albuquerque with his pal MD. MD and Q went to highschool together. Here they are in front of a pizza place, Q is on the right.

We also visited the Atomic Museum where i took this photo of a rocket. It was a nice little place, near the plaza and i suggest going.

Next~ the Very Large Array. I had been to the VLA about a year ago but had little time to stop and visit. I cant even tell you how amazing it is. The antennas are just ginormous. You can get up close to one and i spent about 20min just watching it move. This is gonna cast me as a complete geek but it was one of the coolest things I have seen. I think at one point i said I wanted to mount the antenna. I didnt, but only because I didnt want to get arrested. No camera photos of the VLA, but here is a snapshot i took in Feb. 2005.

Spent the night in Socorro, New Mexico. There, I hit Q in the face with a piece of meringue.

Actually, as we discussed, it is important that he gets the credit for this. I asked if I could throw it at him and he said yes. Can you believe that? However, Q's face is made of teflon and it bounced right off. My face is made of glue though because when he threw it back at me, it stuck...nice shot Q. We were soon asked to leave.

This brought us to Saturday, April 1st. The day when the Trinity Site is open to the public. One of only two days a year. Sadly, i left my phone in the car this day so i, as of yet, have no photos of the site. Bummer indeed. However, I can tell you of stories of crazy people who, despite many many warnings about picking stuff up off the ground, were seen walking around picking stuff up off the ground. I can tell you of people who, despite warnings about eating at the trinity site felt it necessary to stand as close as possible to Q while eating Round Puff Cheetos directly from the can. I can tell you of a crazy old man who told us that the radiation was mostly harmless and proceeded to lick what looked like a ball gag witb his liverspotty old tongue. Q has a photo of this and I can hardly wait to see it.

Sadly, until I get my film, this photo of a car shall have to do.

On to Alamogordo where I ate my first Blakes Lotaburger. Blakes has the best catch phrase ever...

Indeed. While in Alamogordo we stayed at the Satellite Inn. A nice place. Those rings light up different colors at night. It was very 60's.

Stopped at the Imax/Planetarium the first night to see a film, Magnificent Desolation: Walking On the Moon and check out a brief little star show. All in all, very nice. After the movie they were having a special talk and viewing of a movie called, Nukes In Space: The Rainbow Bombs. After being scolded for not having a ticket by some woman (B: but you have two tickets left, W: "yes, but you need a ticket" B: Okay, you have two tickets left right? W: "Yes but you need a ticket") we sat down, listened to the brief description of the story (nukes in space pretty much sums it up) and then got ready for the showing of the film. Things started out okay. Picture looked great...but then...what is that I hear? YES, only the background music can be heard. Have you ever watched a film with just the background music? I wouldnt recommened it. I spent a good deal of time making up dialogue in my head. "Oh, look at my rocket. Would you like to touch my rocket? See how long and straight my rocket is?" Needless to say, we left in the middle of the film.

The next morning we hit the Space History Museum where there were more rocket photos:

And a plaque of my favorite astronaut; Alan B Shepard Jr.

and favorite cosmonaut; Yuri Gagarin

Well...After Spending three days completely geeking out it was time for slacking. Off to Roswell. Home of, CORN DOG SEVEN!! Oh yumm...

These are some massive corn dogs. The biggest I have ever seen. They were very good...for corndogs that is. Those short squat thingys on the right are chunks of cheese dipped in corndog batter and fried. My heart exploded with one bite...(but it kinda looks like a colon explosion, if ya know what I mean)

Roswell is not just famous for their corndogs. Oh no...they are also known as the town that completely sold their soul for the almighty dollar!

Honestly, I have never seen a town go so overboard with a theme. I cant imagine how it must feel to be an old timer from Roswell, you know...pre-crazy alien stories.


There are many more exciting vacation stories, like the two birds I almost killed (on accident on accident!) and my continuing mispronunciation of Ruidoso. Alas, those shall have to wait for another day.

~Tweet Tweet~

07 April 2006

Free Gift

I know you are all anxiously waiting for a blog about my recent vacation to the Trinity Site. I am sure you are all hoping that I have developed some kind of tumor or something so that later you can say, "Man, what were you thinkin?" But alas, it will have to wait until this weekend. I just uploaded my phone photos and was much too sick (cough cough) last night to blog. Perhaps I can entice you to come back with a teaser of all the things you shall see. Hmm...lets see; a rocket-and rockets are neato, some dirt-who doesnt like dirt?, a group of people standing in my way, a crazy old guy licking something that looks like a ball gag, my feet-very exciting, and much much more.

So, for now, please enjoy this not so amusing story about how I got a free gift from my bank.

I get home from the vacation and am perusing my mail (thanks Bone) when i see a WellsFargo letter with FREE GIFT! stamped on the front. I love this kinda crap because usually it is those stupid address tags with a huge B or some goofy design on them. Really, does anyone under the age of 50 use those? Anyway...I open it up and out falls a crisp one dollar bill. What the hey. Turns out WellsFargo wants me to fill out a survey and are bribing me with a dollar. Man, am I a sucker because you know I filled it out and popped it right back in the mailbox. I wondered how many people threw away their free gifts. Perhaps a reason to go into the garbage science eh?

I entered the bill at Where's George a very cool place where you can track your bills (both here and in Canada my Northern Brethren). We shall see where it takes us eh?

Also, a link to a site I pulled up randomly...I Hate Clowns. This is for my pal Cracker who is very very scared of clowns (something to do with a toy she got as a child). Alas, cracker is sans computer so she will never see this.