23 April 2006

That Special Time of Year


God I love hockey playoffs. There is nothing quite like it.

Even if you arent the least bit interested in sports or hockey specifically you should check out a couple playoff games. You hardly ever get a boring game, unlike the superbowl. I mean really, people plan big shindigs for the game and they get a contest like we had this year. Snoozefest.

Hockey though, nothing is as exciting as hockey.

If you watch, cheer on the avs, even though they wont move past those pesky stars (check out this link that Mr. Ohio put together...i think it says it all). Also, cheer on the oil, the senators (even though stinky hasek is their keeper), and the sabers (you gotta love buffalo right?).

Happy watching...



J said...

You think the STARS are going to win?! How dare you say such sacrilegious things?! What kind of Avs fan are YOU? I'm very disturbed.

Bird said...

I would like to think i am a realistic avs fan. i like them, yes i do; but i feel like i am honest about their weaknesses. I will tell you what though, i was surprised by their play. Surprised and happy!