07 April 2006

Free Gift

I know you are all anxiously waiting for a blog about my recent vacation to the Trinity Site. I am sure you are all hoping that I have developed some kind of tumor or something so that later you can say, "Man, what were you thinkin?" But alas, it will have to wait until this weekend. I just uploaded my phone photos and was much too sick (cough cough) last night to blog. Perhaps I can entice you to come back with a teaser of all the things you shall see. Hmm...lets see; a rocket-and rockets are neato, some dirt-who doesnt like dirt?, a group of people standing in my way, a crazy old guy licking something that looks like a ball gag, my feet-very exciting, and much much more.

So, for now, please enjoy this not so amusing story about how I got a free gift from my bank.

I get home from the vacation and am perusing my mail (thanks Bone) when i see a WellsFargo letter with FREE GIFT! stamped on the front. I love this kinda crap because usually it is those stupid address tags with a huge B or some goofy design on them. Really, does anyone under the age of 50 use those? Anyway...I open it up and out falls a crisp one dollar bill. What the hey. Turns out WellsFargo wants me to fill out a survey and are bribing me with a dollar. Man, am I a sucker because you know I filled it out and popped it right back in the mailbox. I wondered how many people threw away their free gifts. Perhaps a reason to go into the garbage science eh?

I entered the bill at Where's George a very cool place where you can track your bills (both here and in Canada my Northern Brethren). We shall see where it takes us eh?

Also, a link to a site I pulled up randomly...I Hate Clowns. This is for my pal Cracker who is very very scared of clowns (something to do with a toy she got as a child). Alas, cracker is sans computer so she will never see this.



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