19 April 2006

Dreaming These Dreams of You

First...a list of things I like about not working in Boulder, in Photo Form!!


Instead of looking at this for an hour each morning:

I get to ride the bus, take the car, or ride my bike the 20 something blocks to my new job.


While walking downtown for training I saw this:

A huge crane was moving this lightpost out of the ground. It was very neat and I stopped to watch.


I saw this sign on a light post as I was headed to my library:

I wanted to take it for found but thought, what if the guy finds jordan?


I saw this tucked under a bench by a homeless guy:

How strange.


This is the view from the staff lounge where i am doing some training:

Not too shabby.

All these things, all so different then driving my sorry ass up to Boulder. It makes me happy I took this new job, even if it does mean some weekends and some evenings at work.

A truck with topper pulled up to the gas station pumps. An older gentleman wearing a twisted, roughed up straw cowboy hat got out of the passenger side. Moving slowly like old cowboys do. He ambles to the back of the truck, opened the gate and let out a mess of dogs. Two by two they jumped out until there were nearly 15 butts being sniffed. The last dog out was as big as a cow...bigger even. He had a misshapen head, long black mane like a horse. This dog wasnt just big, he was long. Long long long! I sat there, staring at the animal, trying to figure out what looked familiar about it. "Oh, that's it," I thought, "he looks like a wiener dog." I spoke with the old cowboy, asked him what the animal was. "That's my dog, he is half wiener dog half horse." I ran up to the animal and asked him, "Does your back hurt?" He looked at me and rolled his dog/horse eyes, "Are you fucking serious?" He ran off to sniff butts and I paid for my gas and left.

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