31 March 2008


I am working on an Army National Guard Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan (ICRMP) and couldnt be more sleepy.

Honestly, these are some boring documents. I did learn one interesting thing, the Department of Defense has Minimum Anti-Terrorism Standards for Buildings. It is actually quite interesting and even gives advice on where to place trash cans, parking lots, and details on using glazed and tempered glass that wont turn into dangerous flying shards when your building is attacked by terrorists...Check it out here.

This is the first time in a decade that I havent completed a NCAA bracket. Of all the years to miss it I think this is a good one. I never would have placed all first seeds in the final four. It may have made for a boring trip to the final four but at least it will prevent the final games from being complete blowouts...something much worse in my opinion.

A photo i took in SF that I havent posted but like a lot...as sad as that is...

Lastly, before I slog back into ICRMP world...I read this today and i liked it...

"Purists usually end up dying pure but without many accomplishments," Abner Mikva said. "True reformers learn how to build coalitions."

Tweets and whistles-

27 March 2008

It Seems...

...that I am feeling better. Here are some more photos from San Francisco.

At the Musee Mechanique

Classic SF shot

Lovers on the beach....or two people standing near each other, it is hard to tell.

North Dutch Windmill at the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Gardens in Golden Gate Park

A tower shot, Q took this but his is better than mine...

And finally another shot of Q's. He takes such nice photos.

26 March 2008

It Appears...

...that i am going to have one of those weeks where it is just an all around shit fest.

Here's a photo that put me over the edge...

Maybe you cant tell but that is a big fat ketchup burger one of the things I hate the most. Sure it is just a simple little thing-usually no big deal-but today, today it just feels like the tipping point. Already unstable the blobs of ketchup just knocked me off the ledge.

I think i am just going to give up...

I will see you all next week.


24 March 2008

A Quick One While He's Away...

Just a couple photos from the trip...It was a good time but I am tired from it...

Anyway, brief explanations below the pix.

The Conservatory in Golden Gate Park

A market in Chinatown

Oldtimey Arcade

Wedding Party at the Legion of Honor.

...that is all for now. More later

18 March 2008


My favorite sci-fi author, Arthur C. Clarke died today...actually he died wednesday morning. He is the kind of guy who would die in the future.

I am no sci-fi geek but of what little I do/have read, Clarke is my favorite. Honestly, can you do better than 2001: A Space Odyssey?
"I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."
"Without your space helmet, Dave, you're going to find that rather difficult."
Why am i including random quotes from the movie?
"Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do..."
Ah, i am laughing even though no one else is.

Everyone think about geosynchronous orbits and remember Clarke.

...In other news the Western Painted Turtle is now the Colorado State Reptile.

17 March 2008

Wearing O' the Green

Happy St. Paddys Day and to good old Thunderpussy, Happy Birthday.

It is pretty early in the day for a blog, what with me actually being a "good employee" now. Today however, I have nothing to do until the four people who love to waste my time, get into the office/on the computer, and get me what I have been waiting for since last thursday. What a drag....

Thought it would be a good chance to update the old blog-o-rama. I have a buncha things I have wanted to share but havent really had the time so lucky, or unlucky you, as the case may be...

I am not sure if i have ever posted this before but this is, perhaps sadly, one of my most favorite things in all the world...

I say god-cuz-damn!

Q and I are off to SF this week to enjoy the city and see the family.

It is Q's first time in the city of brotherly love, oh wait that is philly...the city of rice-a-roni, um no...lets just call it 'the city,' like Tick would.

Anyway...we are going to do the total tourist thing to get in as much as we can in between bbq's and awkward politico chat. Some highlights...

Which is how it looked the first time I saw it...

Maybe they will be having the crazy waiter race where they run down Lombard with trays of drinks...

I was almost hit by a car right here...

The building on the point has the best arcade museum ever inside, we'll bring lotsa quarters

and, god willing

men in drag...ah, the castro.

Photos will be forthcoming...

Recently I attended the Arapahoe County Assembly and Convention. I was an Obama alternate from my precinct (word) and i took notes. (If you get a chance, listen to Freak Power's 'No Way' while reading, it adds to the overall feeling.) Here's a sampling...

8am Holy crap there are a lot of people here. What the hell did i get myself into?

8:37 I got moved to the front of the line, signed in with my House District and am sitting here on bleachers...in the alternate holding pen. Christ, it says they dont call us until 10:15. Why the f*^@ didnt i bring a book?

9:35 Damn, i am getting bleacher butt. They seem to be setting up speakers and a mike, hopefully for announcements and not for sing alongs or something horrific like that. Did i mention my ass hurts?

9:50 In colorado on super tuesday there were 120,000 caucusers...compared to 50,000 in 2004.

10:25 My house district is the largest in the state...also, never elected a Dem to CO General Assembly...

11:05 Ken Salazar...who wants to guess if he has a cowboy hat on?

11:45 Holy crap, they called my name...what loser didnt show up?

12:10pm Notice the time it has taken me from being excited to realizing this is the stupidest thing I have ever done? At least 15min of that was filling out a paper and getting my new delegate tag on. No one seems to know what is happening, including myself

12:30 I have made my way into the audiotorium where the regular delegates are voting on amendments to the Arapahoe County Platform. Ooooh damn I missed my chance to complain about key parts I am too embarrassed to even mention.

12:40 there are no moderates here...no middle of the road conservatives...just me and thousands of people that give progressives a bad name. Ed Perlmutter is speaking, quoting George Washington's 1796 Farewell Address. Did you know that Washington was 6'20" fucking killing for fun? That's a fact, I have a baccalaureate in history ya know...

1:10 Finally, our HD's Obama/Clinton breakdown----65%/35%

2:30 I think we are done, just one last thing 'Who wants to be a State or Congressional Delegate?' exit bird stage left...

Anyone who knows Bird, knows i have always had a strange desire to serve on a jury. I think I am the only person who is desperate to receive a jury summons, which is probably the same reason i have never been mailed one.

Well, pops called several weeks ago with a jury summons, which was sent to an address I havent used since high school. The summons was then sent to him in Tucson. Um, so...yeah.

Bizarre circumstances aside, a Jury Summons! I went at the required date and time and took notes...here's a bit...

8:20am I just filled out my juror questionaire. I hope i get called as I havent been in a court house since a field trip in high school...oh, and that one time I killed a man in Reno-just to watch him die (Thanks Johnny Cash!).

8:30 Some old broad just hit me in the head with a clipboard while she was scooting in to her seat. Haha, WTF lady? Jesus, that was like a comedy routine. Reminds me of the time I accidently knocked christ crackers all over the place in church as a child.

8:50 Oh crap...it is a five day criminal trial. Hmm well...

9:10 Judge Sylvester of the 18th Judicial District is breaking down the retention of Judges for us. Very interesting...a committee of folks gets surveys from all kinds of people who have dealt with a judge. Do extensive interviews with the judges themselves as well as other court people. Make a decision and inform the judge if they are recommended to be retained or not. Since they know in advance if they will be recommended not to retain many retire so that it doesnt go out to the public and personal friends/family. Which is why you rarely see recommendations to remove judges. Interesting...

9:30 oh, we get to watch a movie about jurors...i hope it isnt Runaway Jury--blech.

9:50 They are assigning us juror numbers (Bird is #53 of 110) and while calling names i heard William JohnCock...toastin. Holy crap i laughed out loud. "5'10", 6'2" with the afro..."

12:00pm I got pulled up to the courtroom. Listening to all the questions....do you know any police officers, do you know this guy, how about him? What about me? I know no one...i know nothing. sadly, I am too far back to be called. Sigh, what can you do.

~I didnt get chosen, which-given the length of the trial-is probably a blessing. Hopefully now that my name is in the pool i will get called more often...

And, finally- just this weekend Beck tried to destroy my ipod. The problem isnt fixed yet, though Q-who's a trooper for putting up with me being grumpy about it--is working on it. Sigh, sadness.

Okay...i think work just landed on my desk.

Happy snowy monday...


13 March 2008

Airport Fun

So last Feburary i was flying to Texas, surprise surprise, and was in a bit of a rush. As i was standing at the security checkpoint slipping my shoes back on I heared the dreaded two words..."Bag Check!" Aw shit...

"Seriously, why me? Can they tell I am in a hurry and want to make me suffer? Can TSA really be so sadistic? Of course they can, those jerks. Christ, they cant tell an ipod from a bomb...what a bunch of losers..." I was thinking as they pulled my bag to the side.

As i was looking around at other passengers, huffing and rolling my eyes I hear the bag checker say, "Um...you can't fly with this." I turn around expecting him to be holding up something ridiculous like a tube of 3.2oz tube of toothpaste or something. I was shocked to see him holding up this...

Oh shit...you really cant fly with that can you?

Seems I left that letherman, a gift from Q, in my bag. haha...i feel dumb. The bag checker guy was super nice and led me to a little station where they charge your credit card and mail your shit back to you. How handy.

It finally arrived today...better late than never


05 March 2008

03 March 2008


Stuff I am listening to...

Also, instant happy! Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Black Dominoes remix) by Vampire Weekend. I snagged this from a very cool music blog called I Am Fuel, You Are Friends, which you should visit now and often.


02 March 2008

My Favourite Thing

Why, the British House of Commons, of course.

Seriously, have you ever checked out the Prime Minister's Questions? Usually on C-Span. Everyone gets a chance to stand up and pose a question to the Prime Minister. At first glance, you think it is out of control. All the laughing and mocking and here-here's. The grumbling and murmuring...shouting of "Answer answer!" and then if the PM gives a vague answer there are boo's and jeers.

Then though, after thinking about it...the U.S. never gives our reps the chance to ask the President these questions, in public...demanding of an answer. Or if so, we never get to see it. We cant stop being "political" long enough to actually be political.

tally ho...

Howard Schultz...Evil Incarnate

I dont talk about basketball much. Of the big four, it is my third favorite to watch on tv (above baseball) and third to watch in person (before football but after baseball because of baseball's beers and hotdogs and ability to sit in the sun).

Needless to say, I am the last person who should be bitching about the Sonics situation in Seattle. And yet....see if you can stop me!

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, used to own the Sonics. He sold them in July of 2006 to businessmen in Oklahoma City. Already as a Sonics fan you have to be nervous right? But everyone, including Stern, said all the right things. Then, Clay Barrett, one of the new owners tells the city of Seattle that in order for their team to remain, the fans would need to build a $500 million dollar stadium. Seattle citizens, being the intelligent lot that they are, said...um what?! Now it looks like, surprise surprise, the team will be moving to Oklahoma City.

Now, Clay Barrett should have just come out and said, "Hey, they're movin to MY town." Everybody who is a fan of basketball (or any other major league sport) wants a team in their town. I wouldnt begrudge OKC their own team. They did a great job when the hornets were there...good folks who love the sport. The problem, as i see it, is Schultz. He bought the team with the idea of "saving" them. Keeping them local. A local businessman does good for the town that has done so much for him. Heartwarming.

However, now it looks like Schultzy wasnt happy owning a team, working on it, staying in the red until you create a solid team that can go deep into the playoffs. He wanted to be Mark Cuban. He wanted to have a good time and make a bunch of money and have it happen fast and easy.

This guy, who owns a "$35 million dollar townhouse in New York City," who's fortune is estimated at $1.1 billion dollars, is whinning about how the team isnt making money hand over fist. This guy, who charges you 4 bucks for a cup of coffee sold the hometown team to out of towners. He knew they would move them. He knew it because everyone knew it. To sell out your team, your fans, and the history of the Sonics is just disgusting. Sure there are cases for why Barrett and Stern are bigger jerks...but for me, Schultz is the guy I think is most responsible.

So, in light of that, I am going to ban starbucks until the situation is resolved. Does it mean anything? Oh no of course not. The company wont even notice when the 4bucks i spend once a month at the local joint stops coming in, but I will know...and that makes all the difference.

much love to you sonics fans...


ps I couldnt post about the sonics without mentioning...Jesus Shuttlesworth