13 March 2008

Airport Fun

So last Feburary i was flying to Texas, surprise surprise, and was in a bit of a rush. As i was standing at the security checkpoint slipping my shoes back on I heared the dreaded two words..."Bag Check!" Aw shit...

"Seriously, why me? Can they tell I am in a hurry and want to make me suffer? Can TSA really be so sadistic? Of course they can, those jerks. Christ, they cant tell an ipod from a bomb...what a bunch of losers..." I was thinking as they pulled my bag to the side.

As i was looking around at other passengers, huffing and rolling my eyes I hear the bag checker say, "Um...you can't fly with this." I turn around expecting him to be holding up something ridiculous like a tube of 3.2oz tube of toothpaste or something. I was shocked to see him holding up this...

Oh shit...you really cant fly with that can you?

Seems I left that letherman, a gift from Q, in my bag. haha...i feel dumb. The bag checker guy was super nice and led me to a little station where they charge your credit card and mail your shit back to you. How handy.

It finally arrived today...better late than never


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