31 March 2008


I am working on an Army National Guard Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan (ICRMP) and couldnt be more sleepy.

Honestly, these are some boring documents. I did learn one interesting thing, the Department of Defense has Minimum Anti-Terrorism Standards for Buildings. It is actually quite interesting and even gives advice on where to place trash cans, parking lots, and details on using glazed and tempered glass that wont turn into dangerous flying shards when your building is attacked by terrorists...Check it out here.

This is the first time in a decade that I havent completed a NCAA bracket. Of all the years to miss it I think this is a good one. I never would have placed all first seeds in the final four. It may have made for a boring trip to the final four but at least it will prevent the final games from being complete blowouts...something much worse in my opinion.

A photo i took in SF that I havent posted but like a lot...as sad as that is...

Lastly, before I slog back into ICRMP world...I read this today and i liked it...

"Purists usually end up dying pure but without many accomplishments," Abner Mikva said. "True reformers learn how to build coalitions."

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